The Saturday Morning Dad Update

Thanks to all of you for your support emails, phone calls, and DMs on Twitter! Y’all rock.
My dad is still in the hospital in Phoenix for observation. His spleen was ruptured in the fall and the hospital folk are watching to determine if the internal bleeding has stopped or if they need to remove the spleen. It is best to keep it if possible, given that the spleen is a necessary organ for blood filtering and the immune system.
The good news is that he was moved from ICU to a regular hospital room this morning. Yesterday, I had a small chat the nurse, but do to another emergency in the trauma unit, I was not able to speak to the doctor. The nurse was fairly confident that if several blood levels remained the same or lowered, that they would not need to remove the spleen and that Cam would be able to go home sooner rather than later.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.