The Nokia N82 vs. The Nokia N85 : The Video Wars

On the night of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration, Tues. Jan. 20, 2009, musician and hostess extraordinaire Kerry Getz threw an Inauguration party and House Concert at her place on Balboa Island. It was a lovely party and the music was amazing. I tried to get a round of the Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” going, but we didn’t get very far, though all the musicians who played were delightful.
As Steve and Lobelia Lawson were playing their set, I video’d one of the songs with the Nokia N82 and one with the Nokia N85. I then took the movie files, unaltered, and uploaded them to Vimeo, and have now embedded both mobile videos above for you to watch and determine if the Nokia N82 or the Nokia N85 wins for best picture, sound, and all around video quality. I hand held both mobiles, there was no external microphones or lighting to aid the videos.
What you see & hear is what you get from the Nokia N82 and the Nokia N85. What do you think? Which mobile wins the video wars?

Note: Video and music is presented here on with permission from Steve Lawson.

4 thoughts on “The Nokia N82 vs. The Nokia N85 : The Video Wars

  1. sound is about the same for me, but the picture quality is *obviously* in favour of the N82 (N85 has a rather “grainy” look).
    I think from the few videos i have taken with my E90, it gets closer to the N82 (dispite only having a 3.2 camera)

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