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Lulu and Jackie

Lulu and Jackie

Sat 02.14.09 – In the parking lot of the Lakewood First Baptist Church before David Andrew Golz’s memorial service. Much love and big hugs to all of the Golz family.

Last Photo Taken With the N82

Last Photo Taken With the N82

Wed 02.12.09 – The Nokia viNe project N82 has been decommissioned. I will be sad to see it go back to WOM World, as the Nokia N82 is my absolutely favorite camera phone to date.
I am back on my Nokia N95 until after SXSW, when I will buy my very own black N82.
Photo of Scruffy McDoglet guarding, very diligently, a plate of apple slices taken with a Nokia N82 on Tue. 02.12.09

What Website do You Visit Every Day that Does Not Have a Feed?

If you are like me, you have found your web browsing managed by a feed reader that alerts you when web sites, blogs, and other subscription based web spaces make an update. But not every web site out there in the big wide world of the web has a subscription or a feed available… Shock! Horror! How 1999!
So, I have a few bookmarked that I like to visit but for various reasons they aren’t on my feed reader or don’t have a feed be it atom or rss or rdf or feedburner.
My favorite non-feed web site that I check every day is the Interactive Global Composite Weather Satellite Images page from NASA. This page allows me to see the most recent set of satellite images from the Pacific and see what weather is coming California’s way. It also allows me to see the Pacific Ocean and the nations on its rim as a whole rather than a set of disjointed far away places. Truly fun and lovely.
Best of all, you can animate up to the last 30 satellite images to see how the storms are tracking across the Pacific. The only sad thing is that due to various weather satellite agreements, most of Europe, Asia, and Africa are blacked out. Grrr… Give me the whole globe!
What websites do you go to every day that are not in your feed reader, so you either have them bookmarked or actually type out the URL old school style?

AT&T Feature Request : Web Based Text/SMS

The year I lived in Ireland, for grad school, I had an account with Vodafone IE.  The only thing that I really like about Vodafone IE, other than they had the best data coverage all around Ireland in 2005-2006, was the web based sms/text messaging.

Everyone who had a Vodafone account, be it a pay as you go or a monthly tariff, could log into the Vodafone IE website and send up to 300 texts a month from their web based account area free of charge.  This was a win-win for both Vodafone and for the customer.  A win for Vodafone in that their customers were logging into their web site daily, if not staying logged in the whole time they were at a computer.  And a big win for the customer, esp. the pay as you go folks, as they got 300 free sms/texts a month if they were logged in to their account on the Vodafone website.

I wish AT&T in the US would have this.  I hate texting.  Really, I do.  I hate sending texts and I hate receiving them.  I mostly hate receiving them as it means I am obligated to reply.  I am phone call and email kind-of-gal, but I have plenty of friends and family members whose first preference of communication is sms/text. 

If AT&T would give me 300 free texts to any mobile phone, and not just another AT&T subscriber, a month if I was logged into my account on, then as a person who is at her computer all day & most nights, I would send a lot more texts.  It would be convenient to send them from a full keyboard and I wouldn’t feel frustrated.  AT&T could have the win of having my eyes on their site more than the once a month log in that I do now to pay my bill.

How about AT&T?  Other than setting up the interface on the customer’s account front page and having a link to the sms gateway set up, it would give ou all a big payoff.  Plenty of us would run over our free 300 and then you would have another revenue stream. Right now you all have a half-assed send an SMS to only one another AT&T subscriber that is hidden in a menu, why not do it right, do it big, do it to any mobile phone?  Or even allow more than one recipient at a time?

Skype now has sms/text that I can send from my Mac’s desktop to any other mobile phone in the world for only 9ยข, so why don’t you?