Happy Cam’s Day, or Merry Ground Hogs, or I just Watched Amelie for the First Time Day

Rather than treat you all to my annual Groundhog Day’s post or my annual St. Bridget of Kildare Day’s post, I will say “Happy Birthday!” to my dad, Cam, and regale y’all with my totally lame film watching habits.
Yes, if you know me in IRL, you know that I live without a TV and maybe see a movie a year, until recently when I decided to get a Netflix subscription to watch on my laptop while I code and to ostensibly get caught up on the films I have wanted to see but never did. It is slow going, mostly because I receive the DVDs from Netflix, put them on a shelf, never open then, feel guilty about 6 weeks later, and then mail them back unwatched. Netflix, unrelentingly, keeps sending me more. Bastards.
Tonight, after finishing up work, and making dinner, I decided to actually open the “Amelie” Netflix packet and watch it. Amelie is every bit as delightful as folks have proclaimed it to be and more.
It is a perfect movie. A very singular vision. The color is beautiful. I love how stylized it is, in conception and in each scene. The story is delightful. I love mischievous heroines.
I may even watch it again before sending it back to the folks at the Netflix distribution center.
On the Groundhog Day’s note: according to Punxsutawney Phil this morning, we will have another 6 weeks of winter. But NYC’s Bloomberg biting Charles Hogg, is predicting an early spring. Regardless of winter or spring, California needs about 12 more weeks of rain and snow to get us out of the current drought. P. Phil, how is your rain predicting abilities?
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