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Tidbits from a Late Night

Ever since this past weekend’s Punk Rock Bowling adventure, I have had a hard time going to sleep before 2am. Given that I am at my Mom’s and am supposed to be up nice and early in the morning to go skiing, my idea for a big blog post has been thwarted by the late hour and Rio the large black lab with a cuddle affliction.
In the meantime, while I continue to ruminate on Tuesday’s inauguration, here are a few links:
From 3quarksdaily, From Books, New President Found Voice:

Finally, after eight years, you do not have to apologize for being well read. Smart, in fact, is the new cool. Congratulations to all 3qd readers on this special day.

I say Amen, Amen, Amen! I am so glad to have a President who is not just well read, but is an open intellectual. Relief.
From the BBC, Obama ‘set to close Guantanamo’. Further Amens.
I have previously written about how it is completely unethical for us to detain folks without due process in a military base that is on the land of a stated enemy. Given that we have made peace and/or diplomatic connections in recent years with other stated enemies (Libya, Vietnam, China, Russia, etc etc etc), maybe it is time to completely close Guantanamo and give the land back to Cuba. And while we are at it, reinstate relations with Cuba. We have brought more change to the communist countries we trade with then the ones we embargo.
From Politics and Culture, David Schmid nominates Slavoj Žižek! a recommendation for a bit of cultural whimsy.


Driving Home : Power Lines

Driving Home : Power Lines

Mon 01.19.09 – The last few weeks have been odd: sad at times, waiting, and mostly a feeling that I have outgrown my skin, making me think of Eustace desiring his dragon skin removed in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
The last eight years have been a steady downward spiral at the hands of a power hungry administration and I am ready for change. On Friday night, I was awoken half way through the night with the most beautiful dream of change, a new day for America where beauty, aesthetics, and compassion triumphs over power, war, and depression. This was an odd dream to have at a punk rock bowling tournament in Las Vegas.
Then last night, Vicki Pepper was so overcome by her excitement for tomorrow’s Inauguration and shouted about it in happiness at the bar at the hotel. Today as we drove home from Vegas, I found myself voiceless due to a smoke-full Vegas, unable to really talk to my car mates and fretting. Fretting about tomorrow. Worrying about the safety of the Obama family. Worrying that America won’t be able to pull out of the spiritual and cultural pall we have been under for the last eight years. But fretting amounts to a hill of beans and lost miles on the road.
So starting tomorrow, I will be letting the fretting go, looking forward to change, looking forward once again, looking around in my world to see what I can change, and not just hoping for Aslan to come cut us, America, out of our dragon skin. It is not one person or one new Administration but ourselves as a culture who will make the changes and shuck off the old skin for the new one.