Curse of Silence or a Fabulous Feature?

The Mobile Blogosphere is all a-flutter about the *supposedly* evil ‘Curse of Silence’ vulnerability in some Nokia S60 phones.
If you haven’t heard of it, a supposed malicious person or machine could send a bit of code that would stop all SMS/texts and MMSs from ever arriving to your cell phone. The only fix is doing a hard factory reset to the phone.
And this is a bad thing? Frankly, I think Nokia should offer The Curse (or Blessing) of Silence as a toggle on / toggle off feature!
I *hate*hate*hate* texts. Have I mentioned how much I hate texts/SMSs? If any saintly hacker out there would like to pass on the Blessing of Silence to me, I would bake you the cookies or a full dinner of your choice…
Then I could happily say to all the SMS-addicted folks I know, “No, really, I mean, REALLY, I did NOT receive your text message. I am so sorry. Why didn’t you call or send me an email?”