Oh, Where Has All the Flash Gone?

Now that video is all the rage, Flash seems to have been sidelined to banner ads, games, and corporate websites.
I miss the days of silly, homemade, whimsical* Flash animations with very little purpose. While I am not a big fan of all Flash websites in which most of the time I immediately exit, I do like fun Flash.
Where have all the silly Flash animations gone? Are art students and high school students too broke to buy the education version Flash from Adobe and don’t have a crack code? Are they too deep into WOW/Wii/XBox/etc and celebrating 4:20 to create their own Flash silliness? Are they too used to the Facebook & MySpace communities to put up their own websites?
Do you have a favorite fun Flash that has been created in the last 2 years?
* Let’s not even talk about silly, off the wall animated gifs

4 thoughts on “Oh, Where Has All the Flash Gone?

  1. Video is Flash, Flash is video. Most video sites use the flash player to display the video – so really Flash is more alive than ever!

  2. Hi Ian,
    Yes, Flash is used by most video players to play the video. What I was talking about is the creative side rather than the dev side of things.
    From the creative perspective, tons of folk are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on digital DV or point & shoot cameras, capture video, sometimes edit it and then put it up on YouTube or the like.
    What I was wondering is where have all the creative flash animations gone? In particular, the fun ones created by amateurs rather than professionals. It was the amateur and student flash animations that were really the most delightful.

  3. I think Flash is a great tool to be creative. A shame is, that I can not upload Flash movies neither to Youtube and Google Video, but must reconvert into wmf or avi, for that is on the server again reconverted into Flash… ;-=0
    PS I hate the stupid Captchas

  4. Hi Hans,
    I hate Captchas, too. Unfortunately, I had to use them here to include more commenters. I was only allowing folks registered to Typekey/Typepad to comment, and no one but spammers did. With the Captcha, now good folks comment but the spammers don’t. I like good comments.

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