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The Phantom Blog Post

Do you ever find yourself wanting to refer to a big blog post that you spent a great deal of time thinking out, composing, and rewriting? A blog post that your friends remember reading and quote you on, but later when you go to find it to refer to it you can’t find it? That it doesn’t exist?
This happened to me this today. I wanted to refer to the blog post that I thought I wrote in early October about my very favorable experience with AT&T’s customer service, particularly a blog post about how AT&T’s Brenda Rangel went out of her way to help me. A blog post I remember writing and publishing. A blog post that doesn’t exist, a blog post that I can’t find.
Did I think about writing it to the point of composing it in my head while driving, but never actually wrote it down? Did I talk about writing it to Erika that when I was having problems with AT&T back in September and then this week when the troubles resurfaced she referred to my good experience with Ms. Rangel and suggested that I call her for help, such that I thought I wrote a blog post?
But I can’t find the blog post. Not published. Not in draft. Not at all.
This is disturbing.
I truly hate that I can’t blog directly from my brain as I think and flesh out ideas as I am driving or falling to sleep or sitting in bed in the morning. Where is my true moblogging interface?
Brain to blog. Until then, I will occasionally experience phantom blog posts.
Anywho, since I can’t find the post… Brenda Rangel of AT&T’s International Data division and Karen Aitken of the Customer Service division both rock hard and should not get laid off. In fact, Brenda should get a raise and a promotion for work ethic, intelligence, and willingness to make a customer’s experience better. Karen rocks, too.

3 Responses to “The Phantom Blog Post”

  1. Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen

    Thanks for the link! I really thought I had written a full blog post about my adventures in AT&T land.
    What is odd is that every time I use a Google search to find something on my blog, it gives me results from 2-3 years ago not in the last year or months. So, I generally don’t use Google for this purpose.
    Thanks for re-purposing the Google search for a good use.