Rivlets - Belle at Dog Beach

Dog Beach - Scruffy at Extra Low Tide Dog Beach - Belle and Magnus Dog Beach - Scruffy and Magnus Running How Low can the Tide Go? It was -1.78 ft at 3:16pm. Belle Anticipating Belle Anticipating, II The Golden Light Just Before Sunset
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N82 at Dog Beach, Huntington Beach.

Fri 12.12.08 – This afternoon at 3:16pm was an extra, extra low tide due to the Full Moon. Usually the low tides are 1 to 3 ft with high tides at 3 to 5 ft, today the low tide was -1.78 ft and the high tide was 7ft! Whole sections of beach that are normally underwater and the domain of surfers, stingrays, and halibut were dry land today. There were tons of baby clams at the surface opening and closing their little shells in wonderment of this air stuff rather than the normal ocean water.
The extra low tide was a blast for the dogs, as they had a lot of flat hard sand to run on. We arrived at 3:10pm and did not depart until sunset around 4:45pm. It was a lot of fun.