Watching the Election Results Online

Since I choose to live without a TV, I am “watching” the online election results until 6:30pm when I go out for drinks with Judy and other friends, whereupon, I will start watching the mobile web results.
Here are the most entertaining results, commentary, and stories:
Twitter (I recommend watching Skeskali’s feed as she has took the day off from work, is on west coast time, and has started drinking Jack & Coke. Her tweets should get good in about an hour, as drunk tweeting is the best.)
The Daily Dish : Andrew Sullivan has been hitting the ballpark home all day with notes from his readers and links to other stories.
Making LightBruce Schneier
is guest posting as the election progresses.
FiveThirtyEight – a blog that is bringing the various polls together in a statistical manner.
There is also the Daily Kos map.
Various News Networks: CNN | BBC | MSNBC | LA Times | NY Times | The Guardian | NPR
And if you need a good laugh, Stewart & Colbert’s Indecision 2008.
California’s polls are open for another 2.25 hours, so if you haven’t voted, get thee to your polling station.