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Memory… Activate!

Wonder Twins… Activate!
Unlike the Wonder Twins, my memory for what I wanted to blog about today has not activated with a fist bump between my brain and typing fingers.
All week, when in the car or or walking the dogs or otherwise equally far away from my laptop, I kept thinking up long, involved blog posts on life, the world, politics, and the universe. But when I returned to my laptop with time to write, after 10:30pm, all these lovely and grand ideas had fled, leaving only remnants or contrails of what they could have been.
Instead, I can only remember to write about stuff that is indiscreet* or inconsequential** or of no interest to anyone but me***.
Thus, you have no in depth analysis of mobile, world events, politics, or the farts of small dogs****. Sorry folks, maybe tomorrow.
div class=”note”* Boy Oh Boy, did the Brohas next door ever have a Boy-to-Boy conversation yesterday. I will not write it down, but they were loud, right next to my window, and did I EVER here more than I wanted to. Not even @constantine could be as indiscreet and crude if he tried on one of his post-prandial jaiku posts!
** Scruffy is starting to achieve his I-haven’t-been-bathed-in-a-week-and-I-smell-like-a-drunken-sailor-who-has-peed-on-himself-one-too-many-times smell. Time for a bath tomorrow.
*** Need to write a filter for all emails from a certain client who loves to use the ALL CAPS KEY AND NO PUNCTUATION ALL THE WHILE TRYING TO CONDUCT A BUSINESS COMMUNICATION. The filter I want to write would reduce the whole email to small caps, as at least that would be easier to read.
**** Ever since I switched Scruffy & Belle to the all natural, no gluten of any sort, Precise lamb & rice for adult dogs, there have been No Farts. Miracle. Thanks, Precise, you rock!


I have always had rosy cheeks. I sunburn easily. I windburn easily. I blush easily. If I eat something I am allergic to, everyone notices within minutes, as my face & neck turn bright red (or in the case of canola oil a violent purple-red). If I go skiing or in freezing weather, my nose rivals Rudolph’s. I have such sensitive skin that it is very difficult to find skin products that don’t make me break out, burn, itch, crack, etc.
But in the last year, I have moved from low level manageable facial skin troubles to outright Jen’s face skin v. Jen. Yes, war. Actually, it is rosacea.
I have spent most of my life joking about my pink-piglet Scotch-Irish skin. It is no longer a joke. I am over the burning and itching. I am over spending in excess of $150 for sensitive skin product lines to find that a month or two into using it that my redness, burning, itching, and red bumps that aren’t acne are worse from using said skin care line.
This summer the situation worsened due to the fact that I found my skin rejecting every sunblock I tried all the while the redness and bumps were aggravated by the sun. Yes, I live in the land of the perpetual sunshine, but my teenaged tactic of avoiding the day and going out at night really is not workable as an fairly responsible adult.
Another interesting bit that I found in my research this week is that rosacea is common amongst folks with migraines (both are a neuro-sensitivity response) and folks with migraines tend to have either IBS or celiacs disease. Ding ding ding.
I have all three. And my rosacea is worse on my right side, which is the side that I tend to get most of my migraines. Upon reading all of this, I was in tears and wanted to trade in my body for a better model, not just one free of sensitivities and auto-immune attacks but also a taller body. Thank you very much.
I know my triggers – sun, cold, hot, skin care products, sun block, canola oil, some wines, diet coke (oh, my beloved), among a few others. I try to eliminate what I can, but I do like to go out & about in the day.
And on Monday, I have an appointment with my dermatologist to talk about possible treatment. I can’t do the pill form antibiotics nor the accutane nor the retin-A that is the normal course of treatment due to allergies and other sensitivities. Many other folks with rosacea who have written online about their struggles with the condition say that photo derm / photofacials have worked where other treatments have not.
One friend and one family member with the same level of irritation that I am now experiencing have gotten the photo facial treatments to good results – not just a reduction of rosacea redness & bumps but also of irritation and burning. Both are active in sports and are out in the California sun without much trouble now they have gotten the photo facial treatment.
Have you had problems with rosacea? If so, what have you done to help alleviate the symptoms? Has anyone here gotten some photo facial treatments for rosacea? Has it worked?

The Nokia viNe Promo Video is Cute & Funny!

Wed 11.12.08 – I have truly enjoyed using the Nokia viNe mobile app the last two months and the word on the streets is that it will be released into the wilds this week.
This should be fun to see how it has been refined from the testing stage. Looking forward to seeing the released mobile app later this week.
Do watch the video above as it is cute, funny, and a great use of flash, animation, dog walking and Nokia viNing… I don’t know anyone who ever walks their do while they are running Nokia viNe… ;oD

The First Anniversary of the Seal Beach Salon This Saturday!

Seal Beach Salon First Anniversary Party

I may have invited y’all before, but the Seal Beach art | music | writing salon meets once every two months for a night of art, music, and poetry/reading – and drinking & snacking & talking. It really is a mishmash of folk from all over SoCal and from a variety of creative disciplines. This Saturday is the 1 year anniversary and they are moving the location to Dan Callis’ new studio on Marina Dr. Come join us, it will be fun.
What: The Seal Beach Salon’s First Anniversary
When: Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008
Time: Starts at 6pm, ends at 10pm.
Where: 700 1/2 Marina Drive* at Dan Callis’ new studio (just back from the corner of Marina & PCH, in the yard behind the flower shop & plumber that are on PCH in the same building) – Google Map
Who: Filmmakers Hobo Soul will be showing their film in an RV, Dan Callis will be having an Open Studio, poet Aaron Belz will be giving a reading, and Avi Buffalo and Band will be performing.
Bring: Yourself, friends, and beverage of choice.
Come and join us in Seal Beach on Saturday evening.