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A Day Without Photography

I will admit that I have a photography problem. In any given week, I will take over 200 photos and if the day contains a good event or if I am out and about, I can take up to 100 photos in a day.
Most days, per reviewing my iPhoto install, I will take between 10 – 20 photos or more. It has been my goal the last few years to take at least a photo everyday and then to post, usually via moblogging directly from my camera phone to this website, everyday.
There are a few days every month where I don’t take a single photo. At all. Usually the no photos days are a day where I am chained to my computer working and I am too involved in said project to go out and about or even to remember to take a photo. Or if I do take a photo, it is a dud that involves the interior of my house or my dog. Y’all have seen enought photos of Scruffy.
Today, I have been wrapped up in finishing a website redesign. I thought that I should take the Nokia N82 with me when I went to the store, but I by accident left it on the charger at home. I did see two very extraordinary California Pelicans flying close to the car, that if I had the mobile camera phone with me, I would have a photo for you all today. But I left it at home.
Due to absent mindedness, I didn’t take a pelican photo. A good mobile camera phone, like a Nokia Nseries, always at hand is essential to my daily photo workflow, but if I forget to take it with me… well, it becomes a day with out a photo.


I hate that word/phrase. It is vaguely insulting and has airs of superiority from the person who utters it or types it.
Normob is a shortened catch phrase for “Normal Mobile” or the average mobile user, to indicate that the person one is speaking of is not of the heightened level of knowledge and superior usage of a mobile phone or device as the speaker / typer.
I am calling bullshit on this.
Get off your high horse. There is not some special tier for mobile tech bloggers and folks who stand in line to get the first edition of any given high end mobile phone, other than the tier known as fanboi*. Fanboi does not equal superiority. Fanboi equals passion and extraordinary desire to dig deep into one’s wallet for the newest, latest, and greatest, frequently.
Just because your mom, your boss, your neighbor has the free phone with the monthly plan/tariff does not make them worthy of a derisory term like normob. It just means they have other priorities.
I have a friend who runs a literacy project in Freetown, Sierra Leone, Africa, and she *loves*loves*loves* Nokia phones. She loves how reliable they are, how they will keep working no matter what, how they can be used as a flashlight. No, she is not talking about an Nseries or Eseries phone, she is talking about the cheapest, most reliable phones that can be bought by the folks in Freetown, of which model number I have no idea what it is. So, are she and all the folks in Freetown “normobs”?
No. They are using mobile devices to the fullest extent of the ability of their budget, their local networks, and it suits them well. This is good.
Is my mom a “normob”?
No. She loves her Nokia N82. She loves the photos she can take. She likes to moblog her photos to her Vox blog. Can she use most of the other features on her N82? Mmmm… mostly not, not due to stupidity or normality but due to the fact that she wanted a phone that was also a very good camera. Those are the features what she wants from a mobile besides the ability to make phone calls.
Dear Mobile Bloggers and Journalists, let’s drop the word “normob”, to use it is snotty and below you, unless you would like to use it about yourself. There is no distinction between you and the folks worldwide who love their mobiles for very different reasons and ways from the way you do.

A Booth at the Felt Club

A Booth at the Felt Club

Sun 11.16.08 – Today I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 8am (on a Sunday!) so that I could meet up with Julie Wanda, Jessica B, and their friend Beth at Julie Wanda’s house in Orange, so that we could drive up to the Shriner’s Auditorium near USC in Los Angeles for the Felt Club.
There was a huge line around the building and parking structure a good half-hour before the event even started and once we got in it took rigorous, organization to be able to see all the booths and not get too separated. I went along, not because I was planning on shopping, but to see a bit of the world that many of my friends love – crafting – and have the time to hang out with and talk to Julie Wanda, which was worth it. After 3 hours of the zaniness that was a couple of thousand folk milling around the Shriner’s, I was ready to get the heck out of dodge and have some lunch.
All in all it was very good to see the amazing creativity of the folks who are involved in the alt-craft / alt-art scenes. My favorite booth was the Nifer Fahrion felted elf ladies, super cool nifnaks and the Nifer elf gals were also super cool. Julie Wanda bought one of the black & white flower brooches to wear with her conservative work suits as a sprucer-upper.
Jessica was very excited to buy two squirrel prints from the Berkley Illustration, which were super cute and subversive all at the same time.
While very crowded, the Felt Club was fun browsing and great people watching.