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Happy Birthday, Scruffy McDoglet!

Fri 11.07.08 – We celebrated Scruffy’s 5th birthday at Dog Beach this morning.
Today I am going to combine my photo and text of the day into one post rather than two.
So, Mr. Scruffy McDoglet was born five years ago today in North Carolina, whether to a reputable Maltese breeder or to a puppy farm- we don’t know, but he was the runt of the litter with a few “defects” that precludes him from being AKC. The truth of the matter is that is doesn’t matter because Scruffy McDoglet is the best.
Scruffy is so full of personality, gumption, and pure sheer bloody mindedness, it doesn’t matter that he has thin hair and too many skin spots. Who cares if he doesn’t match some ideal that the AKC has set for pure-bred Maltese, as he is perfect as he is. I can’t imagine him being smaller, more hairfull, and dumber.
Scruffy has truly been a joy and after growing up with lots of dogs, he is the first dog that I have truly grown attached to.
Happy Birthday to the best 12 lb bundle of squirmy, poopy, running, barking, sleeping joy!