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Either I have a box or two of books that are lost up in the further, black widow guarded, reaches of the loft in my brother’s garage or the box(es) are propping up furniture in my storage room, but I am missing books.
A box or two of books that I did not find the last 3 times I have scoured the loft, side sheds, and back shed at my brother’s for my books. A box or two of books that I have not found the last two times I took everything out of my storage room, except some of the big furniture in the back.
I have been having an itch to start at the beginning of the Charles de Lint Newford Series and work my way all the way through, as I have all the books and have read most of them at least 3 times before. I keep thinking of the the stories and having bits reverberate in my head, so it is time to re-read all the way through the Newford (loosely termed) series.
I know that “Spirits in the Wires” is currently visiting on Thomas Bertling’s bookshelf and another 4 are here at my house, but where are the rest?
There are a minimum of 12 novels & story collections, not including the young adult books, in the Newford series that should be living in one of six bookcases in my apartment but aren’t.
I can’t have loaned that many out. So a box of books must be hiding from me. It must. I hope they are findable, somewhere. Must drag out the big ladder and go through the loft again in mid-winter when the spiders are in semi-hibernation.