A Day Without Photography

I will admit that I have a photography problem. In any given week, I will take over 200 photos and if the day contains a good event or if I am out and about, I can take up to 100 photos in a day.
Most days, per reviewing my iPhoto install, I will take between 10 – 20 photos or more. It has been my goal the last few years to take at least a photo everyday and then to post, usually via moblogging directly from my camera phone to this website, everyday.
There are a few days every month where I don’t take a single photo. At all. Usually the no photos days are a day where I am chained to my computer working and I am too involved in said project to go out and about or even to remember to take a photo. Or if I do take a photo, it is a dud that involves the interior of my house or my dog. Y’all have seen enought photos of Scruffy.
Today, I have been wrapped up in finishing a website redesign. I thought that I should take the Nokia N82 with me when I went to the store, but I by accident left it on the charger at home. I did see two very extraordinary California Pelicans flying close to the car, that if I had the mobile camera phone with me, I would have a photo for you all today. But I left it at home.
Due to absent mindedness, I didn’t take a pelican photo. A good mobile camera phone, like a Nokia Nseries, always at hand is essential to my daily photo workflow, but if I forget to take it with me… well, it becomes a day with out a photo.