Tidbits From an Otherwise Musical Saturday Night

Tidbit #1: Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed at the recent trend that companies who want to be taken seriously online provide NO contact information and no real information about them on their websites?
Hello, Corporations & Startups, I have one phrase for you: Conjunction Junction.
Yes, tell me – Who, What, Where, and Why.
If you are a legit company, then giving your mailing address and your phone number builds trust. Get a PO Box if you don’t want us to know you are running your company out of your apartment building.
When I go to an about page with no real information, other than PR bullshit, about the company and a whole slew of white dudes trying to look ‘casual’ – guess what?
YOU LOOK LAME. Be real. Not casual business fake. Tell me not just who you are, but why, where and when, maybe even how.
Where are you based out of? Why are you doing your thing? What kind of company and people are you? When did you start? etc. etc. etc.
Give me context.
Airwide Solutions = Fail.
The Real Republican Majority => Who are you? Why should I trust you any more than the shysters in government in the name of Republicans now? This website asks me to donate to a party I SO DON’T TRUST and the website gives me no reason to do so.
Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Tidbit #2 – We were supposed to have rain today. It didn’t rain in Seal Beach or Culver City, the two places I was today. Even though the rain did not come, we had delicious moist mid-60s F temps all day. Yeah!
After a year or more of drought, some rain very early in the season would be lovely.
Tidbit #3 – One of the better parts about life is the eccentricities of one’s loved ones over time.
Yep, my parents are weirder than yours.
Both of my parents are 65 this year and are still really surprising and cool. My dad can convince any number of 20-somethings to invite him to a party and give him free beer. Now there is a talent.
My mom has sussed out every Syrian owned liquor-deli in coastal Orange County and has made friends enough with the owners that she knows the particulars of their religion (Marionite, Syrian Orthodox, and Druze) and where they go to worship. Apparently one recently immigrated Syrian uses his Bible as a pillow to help him soak it in better (cashier at the liquor store just SW of the Carl’s Jr on the SW corner of Brookhurst & Hamilton in Huntington Beach).
Tidbit #4 – Still on a high from my trip to Helsinki three weeks ago. I <3 Helsinki. Tidbit #5 – Recently the Pixies have become very tiresome and I want to delete all three albums off my iTunes. Has this happened to anyone else?