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Malcolm Gladwell on Late-Bloomers & Electrolicious on the Stock Market Troubles

Rather than torture you all with more photos of small white dogs* this evening, I am going to direct you to several great articles:
1) The ever fabulous and bright, Malcolm Gladwell has alerted his blog readers of his new New Yorker article, “Late Bloomers: Why do we equate genius with precocity?“.
This is one of the best articles I have read in a while, as Malcolm digs deep into a phenomenon that I have noticed for years: it is not the precocious or prodigies that you want to watch in life, but it is the late-bloomers who are most interesting. Malcolm weaves research into creativity and age v. output with historical references and current anecdotes into the lives of contemporary writers.
Excellent. A must read.
2) The ever fabulous Ariel Stallings Meadows, aka Electrolicious, has the best summary of the Black Mondays & Fridays of the recent Stock Market crash that I have read to date. Her analogy may shock the squeamish amongst us, but it is words to take to heart and live by. Listen to Ariel, Just don’t look down there. Really, don’t look at your stock portfolio until after the new year.
Just don’t look.
div class=”note”* Just so y’all know, I already have it worked out with Erika that if I die suddenly by accident that she will post photos of Scruffy & Belle for 365 days after my death. I am compiling a stock of photos for her. So, y’all should darned hope I don’t die suddenly, as after a year you will be darned glad I am gone. So here’s to the hope that I have the longevity of all my other elderly family members who are currently in their 80s & 90s and doing things like golfing a few times a week (great Aunt Babe, aged 94) or flying to Uruguay for his holiday (what my 86 year old grandpa did on Sunday), etc. Just sayin’.

The Nokia E71 is Teh Business Sexy

The Nokia E71 is Teh Sexy

Sun 10.12.08 – File under “Better late than never”. Or file under “She’s Been SWAMPED with work the last 4 weeks”. Or whatever you want to file this blog post under.
When Scruffy decided to use my Nokia N95 as a chew toy in August, I thought I would have to replace it. Thinking that Whatleydude had already held the Nokia E71, I twittered him to ask what it was like. He didn’t know yet. But before I had to know, my brother and I were able to use a gas powered solder iron to flame the N95 back into working order. After the DIY homemade repair, I thought no more of new Nokias, well, until the black Nokia N82 for the Nokia viNe showed up on the second of Sept, but that is another story.
The reason I asked Whatleydude, London’s mobile man about town, about the Nokia E71 is that I had seen a several good reviews and was curious about the QWERTY keyboard (would it be good for moblogging?) and the camera (it is only 3.2 megapixel, but what were the photos like?). Basically, I was E-curious. Not really ready to leave my beloved Nseries, but curious if the Eseries would fit my needs.
Basically folks, I want one device that will fit in one of my small adult female hands. That one device should fit in a pocket while walking, as well as fit in a small purse. First and foremost, I want a good camera with an internet connection on that mobile device. Second, it would be nice if it had email. Third, it should have a good camera with an internet connection. And Fourth, it should have a mobile application that allows me to blog directly (yes, directly) from the camera phone to this Movable Type blog with no 3rd party servers involved.
And if it must, it can ring on occasion, but that doesn’t mean I will answer it.
The Nokia N95 and Nokia N82 fit all of the above Ms. Jen requirements with their 5 megapixel cameras, internet, email, and the Nokia Lifeblog mobile app that allows me to moblog photos & text directly to this blog.
The E71, in all of its glory – frankly its sleek metallic sexy glory, only accomplishes half of Ms. Jen’s required tasks. It goes on the internet and it has email. The camera is meh, though I really do like the photos Micki coaxed out of her E71 in Helsinki, as what the E71 could not deliver in clarity it made up for in shine and luminescence (much like the Nokia 7610). But the camera did not produce any photos that could compete with the N82. And there was no mobile app on the phone that would allow me to blog to this blog, in other words it just had Share Online 3.0 (no allowance for adding one’s own Atom script as a new service) and no Lifeblog at all.
While the E71 worked as a lovely text based device, ie for texting or Twitter, it did not do 90% of the rest of the tasks that I use a mobile for on a daily basis, or if it did, not as good as the N95 or N82. The web browser on the E71 does not render web sites as nicely as the browser on the N82.
While I am not using my mobile for classically defined “business” tasks, I can see that the Nokia E71 would be a great if not superior replacement for a blah mainstream Crackberry or other biz phones. For the person who wants their mobile device to have a QWERTY keyboard (it worked nicely), with email, internet, and business applications, the E71 would be a fine machine, but I am a heavy creative content producer who needs a creative production mobile device. Also, the E71 was made for a larger hand than mine, I had to use two hands to hold it.
So the E71, whilst very sexy is not the device for me. It very well maybe the device for you.

Batteries for Ricky

Running Nokia Energy Profiler while running the Nokia N82's GPS and Camera Running Nokia Energy Profiler while running the Nokia N82's GPS and Camera
Running Nokia Energy Profiler while running the Nokia viNe App and Camera Running Nokia Energy Profiler while running the Nokia viNe App and Camera

Batteries for Ricky is not a new band playing opening slot the Glasshouse next Thursday, nor is it a new charity telethon, unless Ricky does want us to raise batteries for whatever his cause may be.
Early in September when I posted my Nokia (life)viNe review, Ricky asked about the battery usage of the Nokia viNe mobile app (not yet released, in closed beta as of Oct. 2008). He asked if I would use the Nokia Energy Profiler app to monitor the battery usage and power draw-down of the the Nokia viNe mobile app vs. the native NSeries geo-tracking and photography.
As a dutiful foot solider in the mildly-scientific mobile experiments, I loaded the Energy Profiler on the trial Nokia N82 and ran it as I tested the native GPS/geo-tracking while I took photos and then later started recording with Nokia viNe while taking photos.
The results are….
My own anecdotal experience is that the GPS plus photography = hot camera phone and low battery life, while the Nokia viNe mobile app does not make the N82 go hot and the battery lasts at least 4-6+ hours or more of normal to super usage.
As you can see from the photos above***, using the GPS/geo-tracking with the camera* causes spikes of battery drain over 2 watts while I took the photos or used other mobile apps (top two screenshots of the Energy Profiler), but later in the session using just the Nokia viNe mobile app to track my geo-path and take photos at the same time the battery usage consistently stayed under 2 watts with occasional spikes even under heavy draw (bottom two screenshots).
Nokia viNe plus taking photos* wins for less battery usage.
Update: Mon 10.13.08 – Ricky responds over at this post at the Symbian-Guru, “Ms. Jen Proves NokiaviNe Might Be OK“. The comments are the interesting bit, as differing view points get fleshed out.
div class=”note”* …as well as using email, checking the web, and other usual bits to relieve boredom while driving to a client meeting in LA**.
** No judging about my mobile use while stuck in LA traffic, until a 35 mile drive takes you over 1.5 hours.
*** Per usual, if you are looking at these photos while on Black Phoebe :: Ms. Jen, you will see the nice Lightbox slide show with captions, if you are looking at it on Darla Mack’s site, then you will just see the photos without the nice Ajaxy goodness.