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Tues 10.28.08 – The below screenshot slideshow is a pictorial tutorial on how to use the Nokia viNe (formerly LifeviNe) mobile application. Click on the first photo at the top and navigate through the lightbox slideshow. Detailed notes are below. If you have questions, please comment below and I will do my best to answer your questions, but please see the Troubleshooting post.
Here is the companion posts I have written on Nokia viNe:
* Troubleshooting / Bug Report post, please comment there with your troubleshooting tips and bug reports on the Nokia viNe Mobile app.
* My previous post on Nokia’s (life) viNe with some how to.
The Tutorial:
A) Before you start, please make sure that you have already set up a Sports Tracker account at or do it from the mobile Nokia viNe application. The way that the Nokia viNe app works is that the mobile app will upload your photos and video from your mobile to your Sports Tracker Account.
B) Then you can get the Maps + Photography widget and display your Nokia viNe journeys / photos / video on your website or Facebook or other spots online. If you are a participant in the Nokia viNe campaign / project, then you can view your uploaded journeys at the Nseries Nokia viNe flash interface.

1. Open up the Nokia viNe application on your mobile. 2. The Record / Start: Start the Nokia viNe application by pushing the middle select button. 3. If the GPS doesn't load automatically, You will see this No GPS note. 4. Now let Nokia viNe run in the background while you take photos, videos, or listen to your music. 5. If you need to pause recording, click on the leftside "Options" menu to Pause. 6. When you are done, click on "Options" and then click on "Stop Recording". 7. At this point it will ask you if you want to "Proceed" and upload your journey now or "Upload Later" 8. But before you "Proceed" you can edit the name of your journey & choose your media. 9. If you are choosing your media, the viNe mobile app will present you with a grid of thumbnails. 10. At the Tags screen, the viNe app will encourage you to add the name/tag of your location or activity 11. Before Uploading Photos, Did you make sure you have the Correct Access Point? 12. To Check your Access Point, Click on "Options", then "Settings" 13. Click on "Access Point". 14. Click on your best access point (free wifi or your unlimited data plan with your carrier). 15. Hopefully, you will have success and will be able to get the "Upload Successful" & be able to view your Journey on your widget (as seen here) or at Sports Tracker, or title=

1) Open up the Nokia viNe application on your mobile (be in Nseries or Eseries or other Nokia Symbian 60 mobile). The Nokia viNe intro flash animation will happily unfold. I have put the viNe app as a shortcut on my top menu (as you can see), but you can find it in your applications folder (See Note #1 at bottom).
2) The Record / Start: Start the Nokia viNe application by pushing the middle select button or you can start recording by selecting the left “Options” menu and choosing the first menu item of “Start Recording”.
3) If the GPS doesn’t load automatically (see up on the top bar of the viNe app, it will say No GPS), then hold your mobile in such a way that it will get better reception from the satellites (for Nokia’s with onboard GPS, hold it midway along the device and tilt at a 45 degree angle to the sky) and get out of the way of buildings & trees. Don’t get hit by a car.
If you continue to have GPS problems, then go the GPS application on the mobile and open it up and have it get the coordinates. I have only had to do this once when I was in a downtown area with lots of tall buildings.
4) Now let Nokia viNe run in the background while you take photos, videos, or listen to your music. Nokia viNe will map the route or path you are on while you take your photos.
Please note that the viNe mobile app may or may not also have a map of the area you are in immediately, it may take a bit for it to load in. But your path / journey will be mapped when you upload it, regardless of whether you see the map on your mobile or not.
5) If you need to pause recording, switch back to the Nokia viNe mobile app, click on the leftside “Options” menu and click on “Pause Recording”. To resume after you have paused, repeat actions.
6) When you are done taking your photos / video or otherwise wish to stop, click on “Options” and then click on “Stop Recording”.
7) At this point it will ask you if you want to “Proceed” and upload your journey now or “Upload Later”. Your choice, regardless if you upload now or later the next steps are the same.
If you choose to upload later, when later comes, just make sure you have chosen your access point, made a connection (see Troubleshooting on this point), and then open the Nokia viNe mobile app, click on “Options” then click on “Past Journeys”. Then select the Journey you want to Upload, Proceed. My previous post on Nokia’s (life) viNe has a visual slideshow on how to “Upload Later”.
8) But before you “Proceed” you can edit the name of your journey you are to upload or keep the name/date that Nokia viNe has generated for you. If you change your mind later, you can log into your account and edit your Journey name and photos as well online.
The best part of the Nokia viNe mobile app is the ability to choose if you want to upload “Everything” or “Choose Media”. Personally, I prefer to edit my photos by “Choose Media”.
If you choose to use upload “Everything”, PLEASE make sure you have the correct Access Point. Trust me, this can be a VERY expensive mistake if you are like me and take 40-120 photos in a journey. AT&T Sim Chip + 61 megs of photos + Helsinki = One Big Gigantic Oops.
9) If you are choosing your media, the viNe mobile app will present you with a grid of thumbnails to choose. Move over the ones you want and click on them to activate them. When you are done choosing your media, click on “Proceed”.
10) At the Tags screen, the viNe app will encourage you to add the name/tag of your location or activity. Fill in a tag(s), Click Proceed.
I have yet to figure out if I am allowed to have more than one tag or separate the tags with commas (as is common in other social media sites), as when I have tried to put in more than two words and a comma my photos won’t upload. Does anyone if we can input more than one tag and how to separate them?
11) Now comes the fun part… If all goes well and you have a good connection, your Journey and media should upload and you should get a notice that “Upload Successful” after the upload is complete.
But… This is where I have been having the most fails / bugs.
12) Thus, here is my biggest caveats: Make sure before you start the uploading process (Step #7 above), that you have the correct Access Point that you have clicked on “Options”, click on “Settings”.
13) Click on “Access Point”.
14) Click on your best access point (free wifi or your unlimited data plan with your carrier when not roaming). Now if you are using wifi, make sure that the wifi access point is connected, many times I will only have upload success with uploading my Nokia viNe via wifi if I make sure that my wifi scanning is on, the wifi spot connected AND I have been able to connect to a web site via the mobile browser. If I do all of this before I start uploading my journey (preferably before I started choosing my media and adding a tag), then I most of the time will have a successful upload.
15) Hopefully, you will have success and will be able to get the “Upload Successful” note, as well as be able to see your viNe / Journey on your widget or at the Nokia viNe flash interface or at your Sports Tracker account. If not, see Troubleshooting.
Most of all go out take photos and video, enjoy using the Nokia viNe app. I am.
1) Please also note that this tutorial is for the version that was pre-installed on the by invitation Nokia N82s sent by WOM World to participants for the 2 month trail starting in Sept. 2008. The mobile app version on the Nokia N96 Challenge mobiles sent to participants in late Oct. 2008 may or may not be the same. But you get the general idea from the photos above, even if a few of the details may differ.
As of Oct. 2008, the Nokia viNe mobile application is only avai

10 thoughts on “Nokia viNe How To Tutorial

  1. wow sounds like this app still needs lots of work! Does it work with a LD-4W Nokia GPS or only the internal GPS (IIRC the older versions only worked with built-in GPSes!)

  2. Sorry, Roland, but I was not more clear as I covered it in previous posts… but Nokia viNe is the 2nd major iteration of the in wide release Sports Tracker mobile app.
    The Sports Tracker mobile app is great for folks who are doing sports but not so great for a photographer wanting to create geo-mapping with their photos. The Nokia viNe app solves the problem. It is currently in closed beta, and in their fashion rather than having a private bug tracker, Nokia is having us blog about it openly.
    A bunch of new folks, the N96 Challenge folk, joined in this week & will next with N96’s that have Nokia viNe (aka LifeviNe) loaded on it. So, I wanted to write this tutorial to help them get started happily without frustration.

  3. ah sorry it wasn’t clear to me that viNe == Sports Tracker 2.0. I thought viNe was a different app which was inspired by Sports Tracker. Wrong again 🙂 !
    I used Sports Tracker on the N95-1 with its GPS (my account is rtanglao, check out my bicycle rides!) and have tried to use the N82 version with my LD-4W GPS that I bought in Helsinki. It actually seems less reliable with the N82 which is completely surprising. I will hard reset my N82 and try again this weekend. Hopefully that will make the N82 + LD-4W + Sports Tracker combo more reliable!

  4. I haven’t had many issues yet although it isn’t perfect. Some documentation or tips would have been very useful! I just got the N82 finally, although it had someone elses data (photos, videos) on it when I received it!
    The app seems to function much like Sports Tracker although some more tips would be useful. So far I have had no need for the share music part of it… WTF? Does the app upload my sound tracks or ??
    The biggest bitch I have is the web interface. Can I share the vines that I create or ?? and where are they?? I’ve been looking at my sports tracker account ( nothing there. Odd as with vine I’m logged in via my sports tracker account yet my vines can’t be accessed via my sports tracker account. The vine website at is slow and hangs up on me quite often. I assume that my vines are going there – can I simply link or open up my Vines to see what the heck has been uploaded or ?
    To date I’ve shared several vines although finding them online somewhere is a real challenge.. sharing them also wold be nice so I could maybe point to it from a blog post or article…
    More later I guess via my AnyGeo blog
    thanks for the Tips Ms Jen!!

  5. Hi Glenn,
    Someone did not wipe their data off before shipping it back to WOM World? That is amusing. I always clear everything off, but once I sent my UK sim chip back to Siobhan! Oops.
    I agree with you that the web interface is the weakest link to the Nokia viNe mobile app -> Sports Tracker -> Web Interface sequence. It would be nice if it stopped at Sports Tracker or “viNe Tracker” and there was not another step. Sports Tracker has mapping and friending/sharing, but it is very sports oriented (as it should be).
    I wish I could “share” my viNes to my blog, as well as to the Nokia servers.
    But if I didn’t link to it above, here a widget that will track all your viNes:
    Nokia Nseries Maps + Photography Widget,maps_and_photography,about#l=experiences,maps_and_photography,about
    smiles, jen ;o)

  6. Can’t wait for this (or a simpler to use version) to go live 😉
    NokNok was saying last week for public version and the viNe website has the video up, but still “coming soon”. I would do a daytrip in Milano, Italy during the weekend, if it would be available!
    Anyone interested in a tour of latest fashion trends? 😉

  7. i’ve been waiting for vine for a minute now. downloaded it and ran it through its paces just today. the main isuses i have thus far are:
    1. for some reason, not all of the photos/videos that i took show up in the grid in either “grid view” or the grid that appears when you want to “select media.” when i first went through the upload process, only 10-11 photos showed up; the remaining blocks of the grid were black . i turned off the phone, waited, and then turned it back on. when i reopened vine, a few more appeared. waiting seems to allow more photos to appear, for some reason, but now that it seems that all of the previously black blocks on the grid have photos in them, a few are still missing. i can view them in gallery, i can actually view them on the actual vine, but they aren’t available in grid “grid view” or the “select media” section.
    2. is it possible to edit a photo before you upload it? i wanted to rotate a photo, so i went into gallery and rotated it. when i returned to vine, the photo on the vine and in the “grid view” did not register this change. however, when i opened the photo from the “grid view,” the rotated photo appeared.
    thanks for the info and the help. i’ve already installed the widget you discussed on my igoogle page. i’m going to go ahead and upload my vine to see what happens. i’ll let you know.

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