A conversation last night at the Nokia Open Lab 2008 Party at Ahjo Bar:
Fellow Nokia Open Lab Attendee #1: How was the Sauna?
Ms. Jen: Good.
Fellow #1: Was it incredible?
Me: Uh… no.
Fellow #2: I wanted to go, but I went out for a walk instead.
Fellow #1: Just good? But they [event organizers] built it up that it was a premier Finnish experience.
Me: Yes, but it was just a sauna.
Fellow #1: Like my gym?
Fellow #2: I just couldn’t get naked with other guys.
Me: Yes, like your gym.
Fellow #1: No….
Me: Yes, same size…
Fellow #1: No, it can’t be a sauna just like my gym!
Me: Uh… wooden interior, about 8×10 feet, electric heater, pour water in. Just like a sauna at a spa or gym at home.
Fellow #1: It had to be nicer!
Me: There wasn’t a cold pool to jump in.
Fellow #1: No?!? Then my gym is nicer.
Fellow #2: I am glad I didn’t get naked with a bunch of guys.

2 thoughts on “Sauna

  1. shame that they did not take you for a more “authentic” sauna experience.
    But to be fair, to get that you need more Finns, and a sauna by a lake along with a *much* less packed schedule.
    If you come back to Finland, then with only a little more organisation it will be possible to experience the real Finnish sauna experience, as it sounds like you missed it this time round.

  2. Hi Mike,
    This is not to downplay the Sauna experience in Finland at all, but to poke gentle fun at, per the tag in my Tags section, “Americans abroad”. The poke is that Fellow #2 could have cared less about the state of the sauna and more about how he did not want to get naked.
    The sauna we went to was in the city and it did not have a pool. While the lobby and locker/lounge area was much nicer than any of the gym sauna areas I have been too, the sauna itself was of the usual wooden variety.
    If a cool pool or lake had been there, then it would have been lovely. Very lovely.

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