Monthly Archives: September 2008

Nokia’s (life) viNe

1. The Flash intro page to Nokia's lifeviNe Mobile App 2. Start / Recording with Nokia's lifeviNe Mobile App 3. If you didn't upload your media when you stopped recording, upload by selecting "Past Journeys" 4. Scroll through each "Journey" to pick the one you want to upload.
5. lifeviNe allows one to then see the number of photos to be uploaded & a thumbnail of a photo. 6. lifeviNe allows you to "Upload Everything" or "Choose Media", I like to choose my photos 7. At this stage you can also rename your Journey or append to the date 8. Here is the screen where you can choose the photos by thumbnail

For the next two months I am participating in the Nokia viNe project, of which a number of different folks from around the world have been given trial Nokia N82’s that have a new Nokia geo-tracking-photo-video-music application* called lifeviNe**. At its most simple, lifeviNe is a 2nd major iteration of SportsTracker mobile app that has been repurposed and redesigned for photo and video geo-tracking rather than adding photos to one’s workout.
This past February, I had the opportunity to participate in the Nokia Urbanista Diaries, where four bloggers / photographers were sent around the world in four separate two-week trips. During the Urbanista Diaries trip, we used Nokia N82’s to take photos, all the while we ran SportsTracker as we went out and about. At the end of every “Workout”, I would upload the “Workout” to my account at the SportsTracker web site, and then the Urbanista Flash app on the Nokia Nseries website would display my/our photos on the geo-tracked-located-mapped route for each of the Urbanista Diarists.