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Time Zone Differential Phase Shift… or Jet Lag

It usually takes me 4-7 days to fully get on a time zone, esp. it if is more than a 6 hour time zone shift from my usual time zone (Pacific Time). On this last few days’ trip to Helsinki, I battled jet lag by not really sleeping, as I was only there for 3.5 days and traveling a total of 1.5 days.
There was no time to be jet lagged due to a busy schedule and no time to transition to the Central European time zone before departing back to California again. While I was there, I took a 2 hour nap most afternoons and only slept between 3am and 6am at night. Thus, it was as if I had to two days within each day. This actually worked, as it made me feel like I was in Helsinki twice as along as I was really there…
…Except the last time I had decent sleep was a week ago. I took today off to catch up on my sleep, but I didn’t. Now I feel like I am melting.
Good night.
div class=”note”div class=”note”Coming tomorrow: A photo essay of my fave photos from Helsinki and my Nokia Open Lab write up. Due to melting, my brain is unable to think either task up this evening.


A conversation last night at the Nokia Open Lab 2008 Party at Ahjo Bar:
Fellow Nokia Open Lab Attendee #1: How was the Sauna?
Ms. Jen: Good.
Fellow #1: Was it incredible?
Me: Uh… no.
Fellow #2: I wanted to go, but I went out for a walk instead.
Fellow #1: Just good? But they [event organizers] built it up that it was a premier Finnish experience.
Me: Yes, but it was just a sauna.
Fellow #1: Like my gym?
Fellow #2: I just couldn’t get naked with other guys.
Me: Yes, like your gym.
Fellow #1: No….
Me: Yes, same size…
Fellow #1: No, it can’t be a sauna just like my gym!
Me: Uh… wooden interior, about 8×10 feet, electric heater, pour water in. Just like a sauna at a spa or gym at home.
Fellow #1: It had to be nicer!
Me: There wasn’t a cold pool to jump in.
Fellow #1: No?!? Then my gym is nicer.
Fellow #2: I am glad I didn’t get naked with a bunch of guys.