In-Flight Wifi – The Miracles of Technology!

When I walked up to the gate today for my plane between LAX and JFK, I saw several green kiosks that said “GoGo Broadband” with folks dressed in green next to the the kiosks explaining to other passengers what in-flight wifi was.
I overheard one of the green suited folks telling a passenger that it was $12.95 for wifi for the whole flight. The cheap in me said, I have enough to do (client & blogging related) that I don’t need to spend $12.95 to Tweet for 5 hours.
My seatmate found out that GoGo’s credit card processing is down right now, so they were giving free promos for the day. My cheap won out AND I get to blog while flying.
Also, their brochure read as if only a few websites like the Wall Street Journal and a few others were enabled, but so far I have been able to get on any site I want. Another interesting tidbit, is that the wifi does not work with Firefox for Mac, only Safari.
The good news is that it is fairly speedy, speed tested at 1.1 mbps. Thanks GoGo and American Airlines, y’all rock.