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Super Joe to the Rescue

Tues 08.12.08 – Today my brother kindly repaired both the damaged case and the volume / zoom button of my Nokia N95 with his solder iron.
On Saturday, Scruffy decided he was going to chew on my phone and damaged the back plastic housing of the mobile to the point where it would have to be replaced or the phone would be ruined within a couple of months from exposure. That evening I ordered a Hello Kitty faceplate / housing / case that I found on to replace the damaged one.
By a strange miracle of the US Postal Service, the Hello Kitty faceplate arrived today. I was quite excited, pulled it out, and realized quickly that it was meant to be snapped on over the existing housing not a replacement for the original. I tried to snap it on, but the Scruffy chew damage was such that the Hello Kitty faceplate would not snap on. At all.
After lunch, I went in search of my brother who is very handy and can fix an amazing array of cars, boats, objects, etc. Luckily for me, he was working from home and had his gas powered solder iron in his truck. I decided that the case could not get any more fubarred, so I let him see if he could melt the plastic back into place.
And he did! Yeah! It doesn’t look pretty, but the case now snaps on properly and protects the electronic innards of my mobile.
While he was at it, I asked him to solder down the broken volume / zoom contact point and it is now working again! Yeah!
Super Joe to the Rescue!

I Love Y’all, but I am Tired.

Sorry folks, I have a lot to blog about, but due to a rocky last few days I am just plain tuckered out, so I am about to close Chick-a-Poo the Wonder computer and go read a real live book-type-object and then go to bed.
As a note to me, here is what I do need to blog about before Wednesday (this week, hold me to it):
1) Jabba the Hut, or how I am really over the public fascination with ‘girl on girl action’. Bah! What bullshit, esp. when you are the one being devoured by a drunk chick whose friends are holding you in place. Yes, a drunk married woman with kids molested me last night in the name of titillating men, who laughed but no one helped me out. If a guy did this, it would have been molestation, but because it was a girl, everyone laughed. Bah!
2) Write about how amazing and wonderful SpinVox is. SpinVox has set me free from voicemail. Thank God.
3) Write about the Opera Web Standards Curricula. Write about how funny it is that your two articles are not about mobile, but on Tables and Forms. Ha. ha. ha… eek!
4) Encourage folks to vote for my Mobile Creativity panel for SXSW 2009. Go vote.
5) Hubris.
Things that happened this weekend not to write about:
a) Inviting a friend and his wife to a show at Alex’s and then they show up with 3-5 knuckleheads in tow who proceed to embarrass me with their trailer of a trailer of a trailer from the depths of Murrieta behavior and throwing gang signs the whole evening. Ugh. Ugh. Did I mention Ugh?
b) The amusing encounter yesterday whilst at a nice restaurant in deep south LA county suburbia with a movie / tv star attempting to be incognito all the while he was staring at me, as if he wanted me to notice him and be impressed. Note to said movie/tv star: Ditch the beanie, Dude. No one fucking cares, Artesia is not Hollywood. Either drive south of the 10 freeway and be a normal human or just stay up in the West Side and be a *star* but leave the beanie and your paranoia at home, esp. when eating at Udupi Palace.

Blogging, BlogHer, and Dooce

Is blogging a writing / posting activity that one does with a specific web based content software that allows one to publish to a website chronologically or is it a writing / posting activity that is about keeping a web log of one’s life / thoughts irregardless of software running the web site?
If the second, then I have been keeping a weblog (self-publishing) in one form or another since 1996, when I put up my first internet homepage on my exciting 6 megs of space on the Boston University web servers (ACS3, if you must know). From 1997-1998, I had a home page over on the servers. From 1999 – 2003, I hand coded pages of writing and photos at the And from 2003 to present, I have used Movable Type software at and to publish my thoughts and photos.
All this being said, if blogging is a software than my biggest influences were Ben & Mena Trott at SXSWi 2003. If blogging is a community, then Jish is my biggest influence, as he was the first person to be nice to me and invite me into the group at SXSWi 2003 (previous to that, I was an outsider from the Music world).
Previous to attending the first BlogHer in 2005, I had no idea who Dooce was, other than folks I know liked her blog. My first inkling into the web celebrity that is Heather Armstrong is when I was getting out of the car at the parking lot of the Westin Hotel pre-BlogHer 2005, and one of my friends got out of our car and shrieked, “DOOOOOOOOCE!” as loud as humanly possible.
The tall, blonde female person getting out of the car next to us looked horrified. I was mortified and busied myself with unloading the car. While I had not read Dooce’s blog up to this point, but I understood in that instant the full power of internet celebrity. One would think it was 1964 and the Beatles had just landed.
During that first one day BlogHer conference in the summer of 2005, I was both excited by being at an event that was for and by women bloggers and more than a bit alienated by the whole thing. All my web related conference attendance up to this point was SXSW Interactive, which does have many bloggers but the focus is quite different. What I did like about the first BlogHer was how homegrown it was and friendly.
The same group of us, plus a few more, traveled up to San Jose late July 2006 for the second BlogHer. This one I spoke at and once again met folks that I would not have otherwise crossed paths with. Yet again, there were aspects to BlogHer that were just plain weird, mostly some of the interpersonal communication and overt familiarity, as well as judgments that folks made about others just based on their blogs genre (mommy bloggers vs. the business bloggers) or by the content on the blog. Odd but true.
The last two BlogHers (2007 & 2008), I did not attend due to other commitments. I did seriously consider going this year, as this would be the only place to meet up with a whole set of great bloggers who don’t attend SXSW or other tech events. But in the end, the price of staying in San Francisco, project deadlines in July, and the general weirdness at the other 2 BlogHers I attended kept me away.
Why bring this all up now?


Bird’s Sunflowers Have All Bloomed

Bird's Sunflowers Have All Bloomed

Happy 08.08.08!
I like the numbers 2, 4, and 8. I can’t remember where I was on 02.02.02, mostly likely in Orange or at dinner with my Dad, as 02.02 is his birthday. On 04.04.04, I shot this fun photo of the Wittlest Cowboy in the West. And most of today was spent in Alex’s Bar world: meeting, blogging, lunch, meeting again. Now I am home with Dog A & Dog B writing this to you.