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Movable Type Tip: How to have Multiple Blogs on One RSS or Atom Feed

I have spent the last 4 plus days upgrading the from Movable Type 3.36 to Movable Type Open Source 4.2b with a complete update of templates, adding of a few new features (author archives) and a big back end information architecture re-org (only to be seen by contributors). In wanting to update the Movable Type install, I found myself trying to accomplish a few tasks that aren’t necessary in a one person blog.
One of the little things I wanted to do was to combine the RSS / Atom feeds from the main blog with the RSS / Atom Feed of the SoCal Calendar to make one feed for folks to subscribe to. When I Google searched this, I could not find any real answers, so I emailed the Six Apart Pronet list had a good simple, elegant answer from LaRosa Johnson within minutes:

“add blog_ids=”all” to the MTEntries tag of your Atom Feed and that should do it”

And I did, and it worked.
Now how did I do it? In my case, I didn’t want all the blogs on the MT install in the feed, only two. #15 and SoCal Calendar #30, so I set the blog_ids to blog_ids=”15,30″.
Everywhere in my RSS and Atom Feed templates that there was an instance of the mt:Entries tag, I added blog_ids=”15,30″, saved & published, and then tested the feeds. Happiness.
Here is an example of one the mt:Entries tag that that I altered in the Atom Feed:

<mt:Entries blog_ids=”15, 30″ lastn=”1″>

Thanks, LaRosa!

Jigsaw Puzzle

Cardinal Jigsaw Puzzle

Thurs 07.17.08 – Bird themed day – As seen in Earl & Sharon’s living room while standing on Earl’s couch to look at the nesting morning dove and her two newborn chicks just out the window. The photos of the dove and her chicks were obscured by two windows and a screen, thus you must settle for a puzzled cardinal.

Shell with Pod and Seaweed

Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95 at Dog Beach.

Wed 07.16.08 – After Scruffy’s vet appointment today, I treated Scruffy to a walk at Dog Beach. As he ran along, I walked looking for photos. For the first time ever, I came across a shell that still had its animal in it (the “pod” as in foot, still attached).
I poked the pod lightly and it did not retract the pod, so I assumed it was dead. Also, this is the first time I have seen this style of shell on the beach. In shell shops yes, in the tropics yes, but on a beach in Southern California being washed up by the high tide? No.
To memorialize our friend the fairly long traveled shell, here is your photo with a piece of seaweed.