Fifteen Years

Fifteen Years!
Fifteen years ago this summer, I was in the midst of the summer of weddings.
On July 10, 1993, Vicki married Rick in Brea, Ca. I was a bridesmaid.
On July 24, 1993, Annemiek married Ken in Gouda, Netherlands. I was a bridesmaid.
On August 7, 1993, Kimberly married Dave in Long Beach, Ca. I was a bridesmaid.
On August (something, 2 or 3 weeks after K & D), 1993, Naomi married Stephen in Shaver Lake, Ca. Blessedly I was NOT a bridesmaid. I had some other function of which I can’t remember.
I ended that summer a lot poorer in dollars, but richer in bridesmaid dresses. By the time the summer of 1993 ended, I had been a bridesmaid 6 times. I swore that after that, I would only ever be a bridesmaid for Erika or my sister. When I moved to Boston in 1994, I sold all the above bridesmaid dresses at a garage sale (except the one for Kimberly & Dave’s wedding, which bizarrely is still in my closet).
After the first wave of marriages within 2-4 years of graduating from college, there was a lull for about 10 years. Now the second wave of mid-to-late thirties marriages seems to be subsiding. With the big 40 birthday this year (yikes!), I have been doing a lot of reflecting on my hopes & dreams since college, as well as my friends and their hopes & dreams. I have thought about who we were and who we are now. I was so hopeful then.
Last Friday, Kimberly and I walked Scruffy down to the River Beach and let him run. I did the numbers in my head, and announced, “OMG! You and Dave will have your 15th Anniversary this year!” [[BRAIN EXPLODES!!!!]]
To all my friends who got married in the summer of 1993, Happy Anniversary! May you look back at 15 years of married life with pleasure.