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Sorry it has been Quiet Around Here Lately…

But ever since my last day in London, nearly two weeks ago, I have been sick. There has been only 3-4 days of the sick in bed kind of sick, but every other day since has been the you can get up and do things but you are dragging badly kind of sick.
Yesterday, my neighbor Tammy commented, “You have seemed down this last week, is anything wrong?”
Me, “I have been sick.”
Tammy, “Oh, you haven’t been yourself.”
Me, “No kidding…” [Explanation of details follows, of which I won’t bore you with.]
With the exception of last weekend’s acute intestinal flu, I have been feeling run down with a variety of symptoms that is very reminiscent of the late spring / early summer of the year in college that I was diagnosed with mono / epstein barr virus type thingy. That was 3 months of no fun.
So, I am taking it slow, eating well, lots of sleep, in an attempt to get better and not feel so run down and achy.
Bah. I want to run & jump & bounce. Bah.