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Sorry it has been Quiet Around Here Lately…

But ever since my last day in London, nearly two weeks ago, I have been sick. There has been only 3-4 days of the sick in bed kind of sick, but every other day since has been the you can get up and do things but you are dragging badly kind of sick.
Yesterday, my neighbor Tammy commented, “You have seemed down this last week, is anything wrong?”
Me, “I have been sick.”
Tammy, “Oh, you haven’t been yourself.”
Me, “No kidding…” [Explanation of details follows, of which I won’t bore you with.]
With the exception of last weekend’s acute intestinal flu, I have been feeling run down with a variety of symptoms that is very reminiscent of the late spring / early summer of the year in college that I was diagnosed with mono / epstein barr virus type thingy. That was 3 months of no fun.
So, I am taking it slow, eating well, lots of sleep, in an attempt to get better and not feel so run down and achy.
Bah. I want to run & jump & bounce. Bah.

Favorite Local Tree

Favorite Local Sycamore Tree

Tue 06.03.08 – Here is a photo from this morning’s walk on the greenbelt of my favorite local tree in dappled light. It is a fairly young sycamore (plane tree, for the Brits), probably less than 20 to 40 years old, but already trifurcated and growing in bendy, lovely directions. It will be a glorious tree in 80 – 120 years from now, much like the Wedding Lawn Sycamores at my Uncle John’s house or the Sycamores that line Santiago Creek at Irvine Regional Park.
I wanted to spend the time to blog about the Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom food photo / blogging contest and voting that is going on right now, but I had a long day working on deadline and a very frustrating evening. So, click on the link to Food 2.0 above to vote on the best of the photos & blogging and I will make the blog post tomorrow when I am in a better mood.


Now here is a movie I can get excited about, Mongol.
I love all things Silk Road, Ancient travels from East to West or West to East, Eurasian, the art, the cultural exchange, and even the conquerors of the Silk Road: Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, and Tamerlane. It is all Dr. Elizabeth ten Grotenhuis’ fault. Well, at least the bug bit me in her Art of the Silk Road class in the fall of 1994 at Boston University.
I have at least five books on the Silk Road in my bookcase and another three on A. Hun, G. Khan, and Mr. TransOxiania himself, Tamerlane.
While Attila was the first, and Tamerlane was the last of the great conquerors to wreak havoc for many thousands of miles on horseback, Genghis Khan was the greatest. He and his army conquered the most land (China to Poland and back), they were known for being incredibly bloodthirsty, and prolific (.5% of the males in the WHOLE world descend from Genghis. If that is not successful breeding, then I don’t know what is).

“In The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the motorway contractor Mr. Prosser is (unknown to himself) a direct patrilineal descendant of Genghis Khan. This manifests itself in a predilection for little fur hats, a desire to have axes hanging above his front door, and occasional visions of screaming Mongol hordes.” – Wikipedia on the Descendants of Genghis Khan.

Basically, a bunch of folks on horseback conquerer the known world. You try it some time.
Who wants to go see the movie with me?