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Hello, Seal Beach!

Ms. Jen waves at all of you in cyberspace land.
Sorry for the lack of photos here in the last few days, but I have been working on a web design/dev deadline and have not really been leaving the house or doing any dishes. Unfortunately, the dishwashing fairy has not shown up…
But hopefully I will be done with the project tomorrow and will be back on visual line (i.e. walking the dog and taking photos again).
Wish me luck on whipping MT4 to my will or at the very least do a dance in your living room to convince the dishwashing fairy to come and do my dishes!

Why I Hate SMS (Texting)…

To start, I will let my Tweets from tonight speak:

“Ever since living in Ireland 2005-06, I have hated text messages. My hate grows worse here in SoCal. Don’t send 5 texts when you could call!”

“I won’t text back if folks are using it for extensive details rather than calling or email. Officially old & grumpy. Text is for short msgs”

“I wish one could opt out of receiving texts with one’s carrier. I would. I don’t see why I should be charged to be irritated. F*(ked up.”

More of an explanation:
When I went to grad school in Ireland, 2005-2006, it was really expensive to make calls on one’s mobile phone but comparatively cheap to text, thus everyone I knew in Dublin texted like mad and never called.
To help the average American understand, my monthly contract allowed for a multitude of texts but only 50 minutes of phone calls per month for approx. $74. The worst insult was that I could only get 6 mb of data a month for an extra $30. Every one, young and old, in Ireland texted.
In contrast, my contract with AT&T here in the States gives me 650 daytime minutes of calls a month, unlimited AT&T to AT&T customer anytime minutes, and free nights & weekends. All of this phone call bounty for $39.99 a month. I also have unlimited data and email on my mobile for $24.99 a month. But to send a text it costs me $0.15 a text and to receive it is $0.10 a text.
What this means is that I can send and receive unlimited emails from my phone for no extra charge, but each text – incoming or outgoing – costs.
Also, because it is more important for me to have the best camera available on my phone, I don’t have a mobile with a QWERTY keyboard. Thus, texting more than one short message is a pain in the thumb and a pain in the wallet.
I could join the Century of the Anchovy and get a big fat ‘ole text plan with 1000 messages or something, but then I would have to start actually texting back and forth to conduct a conversation.
What it boils down to is that for information beyond one idea or detail where one really does need to convey complexity and / or subtly, I will be be calling or emailing. Text (SMS) is my least favorite way to communicate.

iPhone 3G : Still Consuming, Less Creation

Alternate title: Why my next phone will be a black Nokia N82 & not an iPhone…
The iPhone 3G that was announced today during Steve Jobs’ keynote at the Apple WWDC in San Francisco and the Apple fanbois/grls were drooling, as well as drowning Twitter into a catatonic state with their drool.
I waited patiently next to my laptop for over 2 hours this morning to see if Apple would add two features to the iPhone that would convince me that it might be a good phone for creators. What two features would that be?
1) An upgraded camera that would make it at least competitive with other phones in its price range, at the very least a minimum of a 3.2 megapixel camera. If Apple really wanted to make creators drool, then 5 megapixels with a good lens that would be competitive to the Nokia N95 and N82.
2) Video recording capacity. My mom’s crap little camera phone that she bought 2 years ago for half the price of an iPhone can record video. iPhone’s can play video but they can’t record it.
So, I wait by Twitter, MacRumors, and Engagdet Mobile. The announcements starting rolling in… $199! 3G! GPS! Approved applications store coming! Thinner! Plastic! White & Black!
Wake me up when the Jobs announces a real camera… snooze snooze snooze…
zzzzzzzzzzzzz……. Twitter dries itself off and comes back online and I notice that none of the fanbois/grls are tweeting about the camera. Hmmmm…
Off to the Apple site I go looking for the new iPhone 3G specs… After 10 minutes of reloading it, the new specs come up just before noon.
Guess what?
1) No new camera. Same old 2 megapixel, puny lensed, blurry non-wonder as last year, only addition is geo-tagging of photos with new GPS feature.
2) No video capture / recording.
The iPhone 1.0 and 2.0 are beautiful mobile devices with a lovely User Interface (UI) but why nearly all consumption and very little creation?
I am disappointed. I wanted to be able to have more than just the Nokia N95 and N82 to recommend to fellow artists, friends, and family when they are looking for a new kick ass camera phone with an easy to use UI, internet, and GPS.
To quote James Whatley, “Meh. Next.
To quote me, “One would think that Apple would have upgraded the phone to at least 3.2 megapixels… As Bill the Cat would say, ‘Ack! Pphhhbbbtttt!’
Unless something better comes down the pipe, my next camera phone will be the black Nokia N82. Nokia, release a North American 3G version of the N82 at $199… Kick Apple’s bootay!


Bill Moyer’s Keynote on Media & Freedom, plus Hilary

Bill Moyer gave the keynote speech at the National Conference for Media Reform in Minneapolis this morning. This is an excellent speech on the importance of a free press in a free society, not a media monopolized by a few corporate giants. Watch it.
Bravo, Bill, Bravo!
In other areas of opinion and politics, John Scalzi writes on Hilary Clinton’s concession speech today:

“People have hinted that Obama needs to avoid having Clinton as VP to avoid being tied to the Clinton legacy, but it’s really the other way around: I’m not sure why Hillary would want to tie herself to Obama’s legacy and policies so concretely when she has so many opportunities now to stand on her own. She’s was second banana to another man for years; it’s not trading up to be the second banana to another. Let Hillary be Hillary now, on her own, in her own spotlight, and let’s see where she goes from here.”

As other folks have noted, previous to Mr. Scalzi, rather than this being a loss for Hilary, she now has the opportunity to carve her own path.
Now if only Michelle Obama would run for President…