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Ticks or Let’s Talk Phobias!

Everybody has at least one, even if they will never admit to it. Some people have a lot more than one. Most of them are mild and not to life altering or disturbing, but sometimes they can stop life its place.
I am talking about phobias.
I have two phobias: Acrophobia and Parasitophobia.
My fear of heights is not too bad, just an occasional bout of vertigo if I am too close to a ledge or walking across a narrow bridge. I still can ski (go on ski lifts) and rock climb (with harnass & rope) without too much trouble, although bouldering does give me the creeps if I have to leap across a chasm of more than 8 inches.
Basically, I just force myself to just do it and then when I am past the height part, I am fine. Heights do not haunt me. Though, due to my acrophobia, I will not parachute, jump out of a plane, hang glide off a cliff, or bungee jump.
But parasites, well that is another story.


A Bit Off Kilter

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but the last few days I have felt more than a bit off kilter. Life is fine, no extenuating circumstances, nothing really wrong (well, other than air laced with smoke from 842 fires in my home state), but I just feel off. My intuition has been lightly vibrating that something(s) is off.
Fires in June, rather than the usual October, check.
Missed communication with several family members, check.
Finding it hard to concentrate to work, check.
Feet feel hot to the point of distraction, check.*
Sleeping at really odd hours, check.
Can I go on holiday to somewhere chilly, slightly damp, and calm?
* While lots of folks suffer from cold feet at the first sign of chilly weather, I suffer from hot feet (quite uncomfortable) at the first sign of warmish weather. Odd but true.
Another odd but true about me is that while may people react negatively to barometric lows with sinus headaches or a slightly depressed mood; I react negatively to barometric highs, I get jittery, can’t sleep, and a bit angry. I can tell a Santa Ana wind before it shows up by my lack of sleep and build up of jittery nerves.

Les Doggies at Camp Sue

Les Doggies at Camp Sue

Mon 06.23.08 – Activity Schedule for Les Doggies at Camp Sue:
5:50am Wake up call
6:00am Running around the property and following Sue around as she watered.
6:30am Dogs barking as Camille drops off 2 canoes.
7:00am Sue throws ball, Belle and Reo catch it.
8:00am Weed the vegetable garden.
9:00am Belle goes in and out of the house following Sue.
9:30am 1st Nap of the day.
11:00am Belle v. Reo in the 2008 Bishop Chuckit Finals. Belle 8, Reo 1.
Noon 2nd Nap of the day.
2pm Watch the Humans.
3pm All dogs climb in old Escape to drive to Rock Creek Lake.
4pm Throw ball and stick, dogs fetch.
4:30pm Walk all the way around the Lake.
6:00pm 3rd Nap of the day
7:00pm All dogs get bathed
7:30pm Dogs fed
8:00pm Humans eat dinner, dogs beg.
9:15pm Last outdoors excursion.
9:30pm Dog lights out.
1:10am Tick found crawling from Scruffy across bed to Human. Human completely freaks out, uses side of hard cover book to try to kill tick. Instead flushes it down the toilet.
2:38 am Camp Director Sue wakes everyone up to ask then to open windows, as she has turned off the A/C. Scuffy rolls on carpet next to Reo & Amigo, picks up YET another truly disgusting and evil tick. Human again picks up tick and flushes it down toilet.
4:something am Human finally falls asleep, then dreams of 20 foot ticks attacking dogs and humans.
6:10 am Dogs and Humans wake up to find the air filled with smoke from lightning strike fires.