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Favorite Local Tree

Favorite Local Sycamore Tree

Tue 06.03.08 – Here is a photo from this morning’s walk on the greenbelt of my favorite local tree in dappled light. It is a fairly young sycamore (plane tree, for the Brits), probably less than 20 to 40 years old, but already trifurcated and growing in bendy, lovely directions. It will be a glorious tree in 80 – 120 years from now, much like the Wedding Lawn Sycamores at my Uncle John’s house or the Sycamores that line Santiago Creek at Irvine Regional Park.
I wanted to spend the time to blog about the Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom food photo / blogging contest and voting that is going on right now, but I had a long day working on deadline and a very frustrating evening. So, click on the link to Food 2.0 above to vote on the best of the photos & blogging and I will make the blog post tomorrow when I am in a better mood.