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A Bit Off Kilter

I don’t know if anyone else feels the same, but the last few days I have felt more than a bit off kilter. Life is fine, no extenuating circumstances, nothing really wrong (well, other than air laced with smoke from 842 fires in my home state), but I just feel off. My intuition has been lightly vibrating that something(s) is off.
Fires in June, rather than the usual October, check.
Missed communication with several family members, check.
Finding it hard to concentrate to work, check.
Feet feel hot to the point of distraction, check.*
Sleeping at really odd hours, check.
Can I go on holiday to somewhere chilly, slightly damp, and calm?
* While lots of folks suffer from cold feet at the first sign of chilly weather, I suffer from hot feet (quite uncomfortable) at the first sign of warmish weather. Odd but true.
Another odd but true about me is that while may people react negatively to barometric lows with sinus headaches or a slightly depressed mood; I react negatively to barometric highs, I get jittery, can’t sleep, and a bit angry. I can tell a Santa Ana wind before it shows up by my lack of sleep and build up of jittery nerves.