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Green Floursecent Lights v. Migraines

In the Fervor to be Green and Do Your bit to Stop Climate Change Morality Play that is Contemporary Life (or how to be a good little Green who will go to Arcadia when you Die), the BBC has published an article today on “The Bulb Hoarders“. Horrors.

“The government (UK) wants your old-fashioned energy-hungry incandescent tungsten light bulb gone, and gone soon. But some people are willing to go to great lengths to hang onto the lights they love.
Incandescent bulbs – that’s the traditional kind to you or me – waste 95% of the energy they use, according to Greenpeace. They calculate that phasing them out in the UK will save more than five million tonnes in CO2 emissions a year.
And yet some households are so attached to them that they not only keep buying them – they’re stockpiling them ahead of the day when they’re no longer available.
In September last year, the UK government made a deal with major shops for the supply of traditional bulbs to be turned off. Some higher energy bulbs will be gone by January 2009, and all incandescent lights will be off by 2011.
The agreement is voluntary, but other countries have announced legal bans, including Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and the US. “

Ok, so the British government has legislated that CFL bulbs are to be sold and that energy hogging incandescent bulbs are to be banned and taken off the shelf. Sounds reasonable right? ((cough cough cough…nanny state… cough cough cough))
But isn’t life a give and take? Many of the folks interviewed for the BBC article and who commented think so.


Our Day

Sun 06.29.08 – A bit too warm for the dogs’ taste and more than a bit too boring as the human was working and not walking or playing with the dogs…

Today’s Big Adventure….

Erika at Dim Sum Lauren at Dim Sum The Huntington Library & Gardens Cactus Sale Succulent Flower Lauren & Erika as we walked through the Cactus Sale Grotto at the Huntington Library In Blue Boy's Room Lauren, Erika, and Orchids In the Rose Garden Yellow Roses with Dusty Rose Rims Bloomed Rose and Bud Blooming Koi at the Japanese Garden Dave Asks Lauren to Marry Him!
Engaged! Dave and Lauren. Composite Pink Flower in the Herb Garden Tree Flower Petals Fallen
All photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95 on Sat. June 28, 2008 at the Ocean Star Restaurant and at the Huntington Library and Gardens.

Sat 06.28.08 – Today Erika and I had the great pleasure of helping Dave surprise Lauren by leading her off into distraction land, so that he could ask her to marry him without her having a clue of what was to transpire.
Over a week and a half ago, Dave emailed me asking if I could help him pull off surprising Lauren, who is the ultimate planner and very hard to surprise. I said yes, I would love to help, but give me some time to cook up a few good options in subterfuge. That day I talked to Erika about it, we decided that we should trick Lauren with a plan to go to lunch and a museum for Erika’s “birthday”. I was determined that this would go off properly and that Dave’s presence in Southern California would be a big surprise.
Today “The Plan” was executed – Erika, Lauren, and I had a lovely dim sum lunch at the Ocean Star in Monterey park. After a good lunch we proceeded on to the Huntington Library & Gardens, where we went to the “This Side of Paradise” Photo Exhibit and to the Main House to visit Pinky & Blue Boy. Much chatter and laughter. Then off to the Rose Garden. Erika kept Lauren busy, while I texted Dave on our progress towards the Japanese Garden where he awaited our arrival.
I won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say that Lauren had no clue and was VERY surprised to have Dave tap her shoulder while she was taking a photo of a water lily at the Japanese Gardens.
And let’s just say that Erika & I were very happy that D&L were very very very happy.
Dave & Lauren:

May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face;
the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

AIGA Membership

Can someone please give me three good reasons why I should renew my AIGA Membership?
My first year of $295 – really only good for email spam for events that are completely irrelevant to web design and you have to pay more money to attend the event that the email spam was promoting – AIGA membership has seemed quite useless. At least once as week, I become beyond irritated by either the AIGA mothership or AIGA Los Angeles for sending yet *another* email for the same event that they have already emailed me about four times in the last month.
I have a hard time defending a $295 fee to join a professional organization that is so web clueless. The mothership in New York recently sent me a very designed professional packet on why I should renew, of which I looked at and thought, “Oh, that is where the membership fee is going to… High end printing. Huh.”
Where is the web related events? Where are the free events for folks who have already spent their $295 for the year? Where are the just plain networking get togethers?
I am not interested in driving up to LA to see some ultra special human speak on (fill in black here) design and pay $25-40 for the privilege on top of my $295 yearly fee. I would spend $5-10 for a happy hour cocktail party to meet other SoCal designers of all stripes, but those types of events are never organized.
Web professionals who are also AIGA members who don’t live in NYC or SF, please tell me why you are a member or remain one after the first rip off year?
If you can’t give me a good reason, should we maybe form a professional organization for web based designers?