Photo + Wacom Tablet = Iteration

The Drawing of Sandra's Rose

This week Sandra and I are working on an iteration or somewhat-redesign of her Debutante Clothing blog. The other night I went over to her house and used a photo of Justin’s sister to make a big bold splash of a banner header.
But by the time I got home and all through yesterday day, I felt it was too bold for the rest of Sandra’s blog and overwhelmed the content. This afternoon, I plugged my Wacom tablet in, turned on Fireworks, opened up the photo of the roses outside of Sandra’s front door that I took on Tuesday evening and started to draw over the photo with colors from her blog.
I wasn’t sure if Sandra would like the drawing for her masthead or if she liked our big bold statement, or if I should take the the drawn over roses and weave them into the new masthead I created on Tuesday evening.
Tuesday Evening’s Masthead:

The Deb Blog Banner

This Afternoon’s Rose additions to the Bold Banner:

The Deb Blog Rose Banner

Now looking at the two ideas above, I thought of a subtler iteration:

Yet Another Iteration of the Rose Theme

What do you think?

One thought on “Photo + Wacom Tablet = Iteration

  1. The Tuesday night version, definitely. Very hot. If I were to change anything I think it would be to use a less intense red–perhaps a pink like on the site–for the “debutante clothing” text. However, the heavy red border would stay on top so the ascenders in “debutante” appear a little cut off. Very nice work, though.

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