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Metaphor for My Day

Metaphor for My Day

Mon May 19, 2008 – Today, my last full day in the UK, I was supposed to go to Bath, but due to exhaustion which turned in to a sore throat I stayed in my hotel room all day.


Abhi! A.k.a. Sir Abhinav

Sun 05.18.08 – Abhi lives in London and we met up for tea / coffee at the Apostrophe’s in Notting Hill today. We hung out chatting and having a good deal of fun before I went off to the Food 2.0 Nom Nom Nom event and Abhi went back to studying for his CFA exams.
I met Abhi on the 4th Chennai Flickr Photo Walk on Sun Feb 10, 2008 as we were both looking for the rest of the photo walkers at the beginning of the morning.

Big Day in the Neighborhood

Today was a big day* in the Neighborhood. I am exhausted and Lifeblog is not sending any of my photos here even though it worked yesterday and I have all my settings correct. I will suss out the problem tomorrow. Now bed.
* Tea/Coffee with Abhi. Food 2.0 and then the Trusted Places party in SoHo. Lots and lots and lots of socializing, but lots and lots and lots of fun. I need a day off.

Blue Tube

Blue Tube : Waiting in the London Underground

Fri 05.16.08 – Photo taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95 while waiting for the Circle Line train at the St. Pancras / King’s Cross Station after a lovely evening of hanging out with M. and various other nice folk at the Prince’s pub.