Out of Season

Out of Season : Winter Storm in Late May

Fri 05.23.08 – Othewise entitled “Winter Storm in Late May”.
The light streaming into my apartment this morning with the cold wind that was making my curtains billow was not the bright light and warm winds of May or even the dull, clouded light of early June gloom, but instead this morning was the completely out of season winter storm continued its assault on the whole of the West Coast (from BC to Baja), as well as the Western States.
The light this morning was intense with a bright gray light streaming in and the curtains puffed out with chilly wind. Now it is Friday evening and I can’t walk the dogs for the rain.
If you live in a wet place, this is not strange. But SoCal is on the edge of the desert. We are a “Mediterranean Climate” in the best of years or a “Semi-Arid” climate in the worst of years. In the best of years the rainy season starts in late Oct. or early Nov. and lasts until March or April, in the worst of years we are lucky to get rain in Feb. & March. Coastal SoCal (within 100 miles of the Pacific Ocean) does not receive the “North American Monsoon” rains in the late summer that Arizona and New Mexico receive. To get rain, real rain, not sprinkles from the inversion layer clouds, anytime from May all the way to Oct. is a very rare event and considered strange.
The last two days with near gale force winds, rain, and chilly weather in late May have been strange. This is weather we expect Dec – Feb, not months later.
Odd, but welcomed. When you live on the edge of a big desert, any rain is welcome.