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In Lieu of Twitter

Twitter is currently out, and not out getting a Flickr style message, but appears to be on a tweaking binge and is not to be found, when found Twitter just might be manically vacuuming your house at 3am.
Yes, Twitter is down and out, so I have not place to post short, 140 character witticisms. Thus, I will actually write a textual blog post.
Several quick thoughts:
1) Am quite tired / jet lagged.
2) Am sad that my flight & budget require me to go home on Tuesday. Can I please stay in London for least another 3 days?
3) As it stands today and Friday are my only two days to pitter putter / bip bop around London, every other day is fully booked. Can I have another 3 days?
4) Bah. Budget. Bah.
5) You know that Ruby on Rails application that I have been working on? After watching Twitter struggle, I am defecting to Django. Ever heard of a Django app having such troubles and outages?
6) Today I had a lovely dim sum lunch with @SteveMarshall at the Jade Garden. Drinks at Villanders with the Carsonified folk & the folk who attended Andy Clarke’s CSS workshop. Plus a big walk in between.
7) I really wish that Clark’s in the US would carry good and cute shoes rather than icky hippy crap. I have had to buy my last 3 pairs of favorite cute walking flats in either the London or Dublin Clark’s stores in the last 3 years due to the fact the US branch of the shoe giant has been beaten with an ugly stick. Good thing that the Clark’s store on Regents street had my fave pair of black flats on sale for a significant discount today.
8) Did I mention that I was tired and not thinking well? If the above makes no sense, well then…