Elbow Skin Too Soft, It is Slipping Off

The above title sounds odd, but it is true. I am one of those people who exfoliates and moistures every day. Instead of having dry, flaky elbows & knees, mine are very soft and supple.
Maybe too soft, if that is possible.
Three weeks ago, I went to dinner with a friend and we were sat at a wooden table with heavy varnish. About half way through dinner, in between courses, I noticed that my left elbow slid about 2 inches across the table and was very painful. I looked down and saw a 3/8 inch diameter, many layered skin patch sitting on the table top.
I was very surprised. I wasn’t leaning heavily on my elbows. It was bizarre. I looked at my friend and said, “Am I missing skin on my elbow?”
“Yes,” said the friend, “It is red and looks like it is going to bleed.”
Fast forward to having tea with Abhi this last Sunday at Apostrophe’s in Notting Hill, tea and coffee has been consumed, we are sitting and chatting. The table top is either lacquered wood or plastic (sorry, I can’t remember), my elbows are resting on the table top and, again, my elbow slips and skin scrapes off my right elbow.
Here I type tonight with both elbows scrapped and scabbed up. Why?
Yes, if one falls on concrete or asphalt or gravel, one expects to get a good scrape, but not off a table in a restaurant or coffee place.
Have you every heard of such a thing? I googled it to find out if this is a skin condition, but only got results for dry, flaky elbow skin, not soft elbow skin that is coming off with very little provocation.
Odd, but true.

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  1. Ok. So I’m not crazy. I’m experiencing this right now and was wondering what is going on. I noticed the skin on my right elbow was missing and the skin on my left elbow is getting ready to come off. I have no clue why this is happening. Have you found any answers?

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