Before the Big Show, 7:10 pm

Wed 05.28.08 – Dave Irish and Alex Hernandez in the parking lot at Alex’s.
In a fit of moblogging journalist fevor, Scruffy McDoglet and I went over to Alex’s at about 6:30pm to watch the fun as folks waited in line to get into the Foxboro Hot Tubs (Green Day + 2) show. We stayed until 7:40pm and I will return later for the show (sans camera phone, per the rules, and sans Scruffy McDoglet).
Here are my two videos streamed from my Nokia N95:

Beer Truck tests the wand on Green Day’s drum tech before any of the line is let in.

The Line to get into Alex’s for the Foxboro Hot Tubs Show Tonight. There were hundreds more folk standing in line than capacity in Alex’s.