1927 Hot Rod

Greg and Ryan peeling out in Ojitos the Hot Rod

Ojitos the 1927 Hot Rod Ojitos the 1927 Hot Rod - Pipe Number 27 & the Virgin - Ojitos the 1927 Hot Rod The Rosary, Gold Chain, Racoon Tail, & Bud - Ojitos
Photos taken by Ms. Jen with her Nokia N95 on 05.05.08.

Mon. 05.05.08 – Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Greg & Leah stopped by this evening in “Ojitos – Hecho en Nuevo Mexico”, a fun 1927 modified hot rod owned by Greg’s friend Thomas. Thomas wants to sell Ojitos to Greg, Leah is wary, so they have Ojitos for one day/evening.
Ojiotos, she was the toast of Seal Beach. And danged loud, too.