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My First Flickr Video : The 4th Chennai Photowalk

The 4th Chennai Photowalk

Originally uploaded by Ms. Jen

Sun. Feb. 10, 2008 – I had the pleasure to join up with the Chennai Photowalk Flickr Group folk to participate in the 4th Chennai Photowalk up Mount Road (Anna Salai) . Good fun, great photographers & conversation.

Video captured by Ms. Jen in Chennai, India, with a Nokia N82.

Uploaded by Ms. Jen on 26 Mar 08, 8.53PM PDT.

Flickr Video : What a Tasty Chicken!

Flickr is a Tasty Chicken

About two weeks ago, I received an invitation to join a Flickr beta test. I was intrigued, so I said yes. I had to sign an NDA stating that for the love of a tasty chicken I would not breath a blog, twitter, or in person word that I was beta testing Flickr Video. Yes, Flickr can have my silence in return for uploading 60 seconds of various tasty chickens from India, SXSW 2008, and Scruffy & Belle.
Oh, what a delight. I have had quite a bit of fun over the last 2 weeks uploading videos, really participating in a Flickr group in a way that I have not been interested in or invested enough in before, and watching with baited breath what folks would post as their videos. And then there was the Fridget meme that Derek started…
In all truthfulness, while I appreciate YouTube, Google Video, and Vimeo, I am not drawn into these services. I don’t wait to see what will be posted, I only go when someone else sends me a link. If the video is longer than 5 minutes, I don’t watch, be it too much work or just plain not interested.
It has been very different with Flickr Video. I am drawn in. I love the short format of 60 to 90 seconds. As the Flickr folk said – think of it as a long photograph. I also love the fact that I can use the same uploader and same Flickr tagging and interface that I use for photos. The user interface is simple and easy to use and not just because I am used to it.
Most of all, I am having fun with video on Flickr in a way that has never been fun before. Thanks, Flickr! Y’all rock.

The Last 32 Hours

California Poppies
Photo of Calif. Poppies by Ms. Jen taken with her Nokia N95 on Sat. 04.05.08.

What I have done in the last 32 hours of my life:
* Drove from the Calif. Poppy Reserve to home.
* Went grocery shopping.
* Made dinner.
* Worked
* Walked a sick Scruffy.
* Slept. Had a bit of insomnia. Went back to sleep until about 8am.
* Walked a sick Scruffy. Dealt with a big pooh blow-out due to a sick Scruffy.
* Hosed Scruffy’s backside down.
* Dried Scruffy.
* Went to the Sunday morning Farmer’s Market at the Long Beach Marina.
* Went & took care of some essential errands.
* A bit more work.
* Bleached the front bit of my hair. Worked on re-sectioning the bleached bits on the front of my hair for new hair color that will be completed tomorrow.
* Downloaded the last week’s worth of photos & video from my Nokia N95 to my computer. Over 200 MBs of photos.
* Started dinner. Realized I was out of charcoal, walked up to the corner store. Scruffy continued to have intestinal distress.
* Note to self – Do NOT let Scruffy drink out of the Owens River EVER again. Nor let him drink out of the cattle watering area. City dogs do not have the intestinal flora to deal with exciting country bacteria.
* Hang out & have BBQ with the Electric Arms neighbors (Ryan & Tammi, Earl & Sharon).
* Walk Scruffy all the way to Main Street & back to make sure all the distress is out of his system.
What I did NOT do in the last 32 hours of my life:
* Take a photo.
I guess it was the sabbath…