The Big Switch Over, or Back to My Nokia N95

The WOM World folk let me keep one of the Urbanista Diaries N82’s through SXSW for better photo taking, but today I had to reset it back to factory settings & wipe the extra memory chip in anticipation of shipping it back to the UK and returning to the daily use of my Nokia N95.
To get my Nokia N95 back into daily use, I updated it to the most recent N95 update and optimized the files. Per usual, the update wiped all my settings and programs, so I had to reinstall ShoZu and Joiku, as well as redo my blog settings in Lifeblog. Only problem is that the 20.0.0.something update for the N95 has made Lifeblog incompatible with this install of Movable Type Open Source 4.1, or if not incompatible at least it won’t recognize the correct settings. The N95 12.0.0.something Lifeblog worked just fine with this MTOS 4.1 install, and so did the most recent update / OS version for the N82. I have run through the phone’s Lifeblog settings 7 times and reset them each time and it still can’t find this blog. Bah!
When I met up with Charlie in London a couple of weeks ago, he was surprised that Lifeblog was installed on the N82 and said that the N82 would most likely be the last phone that would have Lifeblog. Charlie unofficially confirmed what I had supposed for sometime now, that Nokia has left Lifeblog to die.
This will be a problem for me and my daily moblogging from my phone to this blog. I have tried for a few years now to convince various Movable Type perl developers to make a mobile blogging plugin that would work across a variety of mobile platforms to moblog photos and text to one’s MT 3.x or 4.x install, but to no avail. David Jacobs told me that his company, Apperceptive, has made such a plugin for paying customers and will be releasing a version to the public, but it has not happened yet.
Charlie is currently working with David on a blog for Nokia and hinted that one of the side projects would be a mobile blogging plugin for Nokia phones.
Please, please, please…

I have written here before that one of my major tenets of the internet is : Own Your Own Stuff. It is great that I can send photos and video from my Nokia Nseries phone to Flickr or Sports Tracker or ShoZu or You Tube or Vox or … or … or… But I don’t own nor pay for any of those services and the data that I send lives on their servers, not mine. I can’t easily export any of my photos or videos or text that I send from my phone to those services out to another blog or to my server or to my own computer. What happens when Nokia ditches Sports Tracker 3 to 5 years from now? What would then happen to my geo-data, my routes, and my photos?
If I can blog my photos, videos, text, and geo-data from my camera phone directly to this blog, then I own my own data. The photos, text, video, and geo-data lives on my server. If I forget to pay or decide to discontinue this blog it is my own fault, not some nameless executive or departmental decision in Helsinki or London or San Francisco of which I have no control over. If I own my own data, then I can back up my database and server to my computer or hard drive.
Hopefully, I can convince the newest version of the N95 OS to let me set Lifeblog to send photos to this MTOS 4.1 blog within the day or two. If not, then y’all get to hear more mobloggin withdrawal whining from me…
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