Scruffy’s Clover Crown

Sun 03.23.08 – Happy Easter!
Update: Here is the “medium” size in Nokia’s Share Online 3.0 application. At 1024 x 768, it is still too big, not just for screens but also for the variety of folk who may visit one’s site from broadband that really isn’t that broad or from a mobile device or on dial up.
The March Madness 2008 Moblogging Saga (i.e. Lifeblog vs. Nokia Share Online):
1. The Big Switch Over, or Back to My Nokia N95
2. 03/22/2008
3. Dear Nokia, Time for some real UX testing…
4. How to Post to a Movable Type 4 Blog from Nokia Share Online 3.0
5. Scruffy’s Clover Crown
6. Belle Running>