Purple Nokia 6220 Classic

Purple, people! Purple!
Many blessings upon the folks who approved a purple phone! Purple! Yay!
Do I need to say any more about a purple Nokia 6220? Like the Nokia N82 it has a 5 megapixel camera? Should I mention the Xenon Flash? Or the GPS? … HSPDA? Huh…
But hey! The Nokia 6220 is Purple! Did I mention it comes in Purple?
Now when will AT&T roll out their HSPDA network that will be compatible with a purple 6220?

2 thoughts on “Purple!

  1. :oD
    interestingly, looking at my hicksmade stats, ‘purple iPhone’ seems to be googled alot (and end up at me) … a few other colours but an abundance of people looking for purple.

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