Belle at the Beach

Mon 03.24.08 – Photo of Belle at the San Gabriel River low tide “beach” taken with Ms. Jen’s Nokia N95.
One of the fun discrepancies of the Nokia N95 & N82 camera phones is that if you keep taking photos really fast, even in ‘Sports’ mode, and pushing the camera before it is ready to take another snap, it will white out the photo you forced it to take. I like this effect. It worked today as Belle was running up and down the low tide beach. In this case, I love all the white space, Belle’s white head, and then the strong shadow.

2 thoughts on “Belle at the Beach

  1. Weird, I had opposite effect happen to me.
    I took this picture:
    The guy showed me the back, and I shot this
    The second picture couldn’t gather enough light quick enough to take a proper picture.

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