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Queen of the (beauty) Bar

On Friday night, circumstances evolved that I invited a friend of a friend to join me for Happy Hour at my favorite local restaurant/bar/grill. For the sake of the story we will call the friend of the friend – QBB, call the bartender – Devi, and call the place/bar/grill – Freddy’s. All names & relationships have been slightly altered to protect the innocent or guilty as the case may be.
Upon arriving at Freddy’s we both ordered the Friday Happy Hour Spice Shrimp special and a glass of wine. Conversation proceeded. As the evening proceeded, things got weird. Most of the other patrons around us at the bar/grill part were well-to-do beach-bleach-blond-Americans of indeterminate ethnicity in their 40s and 50s. As the Happy Hour progressed it became highly evident that every man within a 15 foot radius was going to come and talk to us, with his date / female companion’s permission or not. As time wended on the females went from friendly to claws openly bared.
Why? Well, the friend of a friend, aka QBB, is a woman in her early forties who has made several set of choices to conform to the highest standard of Southern California’s Culto de Corpo through a rigorous and disciplined regime of lack of eating, extreme exercise, and visits to the plastic surgeon. QBB is the Cali-Puerto-Rican Barbie Doll – tall, thin, tiny hips, big boobs, big eyes, hair extensions, etc, etc, etc. Fill in all the stereotypes of LA bimbos.
Except QBB is more complex than a bimbo. By choosing to go out with her it meant that for 3.5 hours all of the explicit and implicit gender theatrics played themselves out. QBB is very intensely involved in her current relationship but due to sub-conscious need or a lifetime of sending out sexual signals or both (ding ding ding), she attracts men and women in droves. QBB is inordinately proud of this, which is why I came out of the evening thinking most of those folks got pnwed by QBB.


Blackout in a White Room

While very tummy sick with the Mumbai bug meets the Austin bug and conducts WWIII in my tummy when I was in Austin for SXSW, I decided that the two weeks after I returned would be a “blackout” period. I warned clients, friends & family that I would be going into a two week blackout (March 17-30) and would not be available.
Today is the last day of my self-imposed blackout period. During this time I have have kept my phone on silent or just plain turned off. I have slept a minimum of nine hours a night and made a point to eat good allergen-free home cooked meals. I have only worked on stuff that needed to be finished or wrapped up and only visited with folks who I wanted to see.
Basically, I pushed the reboot button on my life after 3 months of madness and go-go-go-go-go-go-go. I am *finally* free of the last 2+ months of flu or tummy bug. I am caught up on my sleep & client work. Now I just need to catch up on some blogging.
I had an interesting Friday night and have a whole blog post in my head about it, but it will have to wait while I finish the documentation for a client. Maybe tomorrow.

In the Doghouse

Sat 03.29.08 – Share Online on the N95 is back to working again, as seen from this photo of Scruffy & Belle in their “Portable Pet Home” this evening. As I stated previously, Share Online is unpredictable and more than a bit capricious.

Airplane, Coming in for Landing

Airplane coming in for landing

Thurs. 03.27.08 – Whilst walking the dogs today in Huntington Beach, I looked up and saw this plane coming in for landing – be it to Los Alamitos or Long Beach, I don’t know as I did not see if the markings were military or commercial. But I love it when the planes come low enough for me to capture the photo with my mobile phone.
Due to the fact that Nokia’s Share Online has decided not to work for me today, I uploaded this via the web interface of the MT software. As of today, I was able to get Lifeblog to recognize and post to Typepad, but not to Movable Type. Grrr…


Purple Nokia 6220 Classic

Purple, people! Purple!
Many blessings upon the folks who approved a purple phone! Purple! Yay!
Do I need to say any more about a purple Nokia 6220? Like the Nokia N82 it has a 5 megapixel camera? Should I mention the Xenon Flash? Or the GPS? … HSPDA? Huh…
But hey! The Nokia 6220 is Purple! Did I mention it comes in Purple?
Now when will AT&T roll out their HSPDA network that will be compatible with a purple 6220?

Note to Self…

Sorry folks, due to general busy-ness and completing tasks on my To Do list today, I did not take any photos to moblog here. I did see lovely things whilst out walking Scruffy this morning but didn’t photograph them. An unintentional day off from photography.
I did check a bunch of things off my weekly to do list. Best of all, I am *finally* back in the proper time zone and caught up on my sleep.
Note to self: Correct about page, add contact info, and sort out portfolio site before week’s end.