Yeah! DHL is Here! Yeah!

Mon 02.04.08 – After all of Friday’s troubles, fire drill, and hurried documenting of box contents to make the US Customs folks at LAX release the package from WOM World for my leg of the Nokia Urbanista Diaries adventure, it is a big relief to see the DHL truck pull up in front of my apartment building as I was coming back from a walk with my Mom and Scruffy.
I was so excited to document the arrival of the Nokia N82s and attendant accessories that I pushed the video button and made a video instead of a photo and I said “DSL” instead of “DHL”. Oh well. The DHL delivery guy was a good sport.
As with Jay, my box contains:
3 Nokia N82s
2 Nokia GPS Modules
1 Nokia Bluetooth Headset (darn! I did not get the Pirate one that Jay did)
1 Nokia Buletooth Keyboard (excited!)
and a bag of goodies: sim chips, extra batteries, The Proporta Mobile Survival kit, and something called the Generation X (((CELL ANTENNA))) *.
The last item looks like an enlongated golden RFID chip, but you paste it into the battery compartment of you phone and it boosts low cell reception. All my iPhone friends on AT&T need this**.
Yeah! The Urbanista Diaries countdown continues: two more days to go, then I am on a plane.
* According to the over the top copy at the link: “AS SEEN ON TV”…. Judge for yourself. I will let you know if it works well or not.
** I am on AT&T & have no reception problems with the Nokia N95. The iPhone folks in the same area are having dropped calls and data. It is the hardware, people. The internal antennas in the mobile device. Yet another way that Nokia kicks Apple’s bootay…