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Urbanista Diaries: A bit more than One Week down… The India Edition

I have been in India for 9 days and 8 hours so far on the Nokia Urbanista Diaries adventure and will be here for another 2 days and 16 hours before departing for Vienna. Here are some of my initial random thoughts on India:
People: So far everyone has been very friendly, good to talk to, and helpful. In Chennai, Bangalore, and Kerala were delightful for the folks I met, both Indian and other folks. In Goa, I seem to be getting a lot of giggles. Apparently my hair is amusing.
Dogs: Lots of street dogs in Chennai, of which the number of dogs and general scruffiness has decreased in each city since. Of the walked, leashed, pampered pooch set, Pomeranians are popular. I would hate to be a Pom in the summer here. The street dogs almost down to the dog have nice short hair.
Power: In most places that I have visited so far (Chennai, Bangalore, and Goa), both American and European power adapters will work in the electrical power ports/sockets in the wall. British/Irish ones, no, unless there is a special adapter. In Kerala, only European ones would fit, but that was fine as I brought my European Nokia charger in anticipation of Vienna.
While the power is 240V, all my adapters are rated 110-240V and have been doing an admirable job of holding up on the highest end of the scale. The trick I learned in Ireland (220V) when charging my Powerbook is that if the battery gets too hot, prop the laptop up in a triangle formation and allow the battery and the whole back of the PB to face the air and other other side to have as much air as possible. That trick has come in handy here.
Electricity: India and other South-East Asian countries have a great energy saving device in hotel rooms that the US and Europe would do well to imitate in hotels, offices and homes. When you walk in the room, you insert your hotel key into a slot near the door and then all the lights, A/C, and power comes on. When you leave and take your key with you, all the power turns off and the A/C or fan is switched to lowest fan setting automatically. No leaving the lights on. The only wrench in this lovely economy plan is when you want to leave a device charging, but this could be easily gotten around by having a a set of power ports that are not killed by the key switch.
Pollution: Um. What to say. Time for a clean air and water acts with serious back up behind it. The skies from the ground and from the airplane look like photos of Los Angeles from the 1960s or worse, nothing like a good clean air law and strict regulators to clean up a city’s air. Look how LA got whipped into shape by OSHCA over the last 17 years. Now I am off to Mumbai where weather.com reports recent days as “smokey” rather than sunny.