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Agh! Blog Software Blackout! Agh!

Or the attack of the famed Movable Type 500 error code…
This last week in the middle of attempting to finish up my client work and get ready to leave for the Urbanista Diaries adventure, I started to experience 500 internal server error codes when I logged into this blog. Not a good thing to have. But if I refreshed I was able to access the admin interface.
On top of traveling from LA to London to India in the last 72 hours and only getting about 5 hours sleep, I was not able to log into the blog interface at all. Agh! I was able to send mobile photos via Lifeblog, but not login. Odd.
This evening, after trotting around Chennai with Urbanista Jay today, I started troubleshooting and a few emails to my web host folks to no avail. I realized that the trouble started when I upgraded to the MT 4.1 professional, so in a last ditch effort to blog this evening, I deleted the MT 4.1 Pro install and reinstalled MT 4.1 Open Source. All is well and I can blog again.
Now I am too exhausted to say much more. Time for bed, as tomorrow morning is the Chennai flickr group photowalk nice, bright and early. Go over to the Urbanista site for the photos I uploaded via Sports Tracker today and I will put the rest up here with some words on why I think Sports Tracker should refocus and become Nokia Photo Tracker…
Update on Sun. Feb. 10, 2008 – Ok, using MT 4.1 Open Source is working in that I can blog. Yeah! But… some functionality is broken: like the links to categories. Please bear with me here, as my first priority in the next two weeks is to photo blog with the Urbanista world, if I get the time I will troubleshoot and fix any functionality issues.
For now, use the archive link to find posts.

Yesterday in London

Thurs 02.07.08 – Yesterday I had a lovely lunch at La Tasca with Siobhan, Donna, and Colin of WOM World. As we were walking away. I looked up and had to snap this photo.

Nokia Urbanista Diaries – How to Follow Along

Yes, Ms. Jen leaves in less than 36 hours for her big adventure on the Nokia Urbanista Diaries adventure. Of course, I will be blogging photos and text here and at my Flickr account, but also check out the Urbanista site OR… even better embed the Urbanista widget on your website or MySpace or Facebook or the like.
Here is the code to embed the widge on your website or MySpace account:

<div id="flashcontent"><strong>In order to view the Nokia N82:
The urbanista diaries you need JavaScript and Flash Player 8+ support</strong></div>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">var so = new SWFObject('',
'Nokia N82: The urbanista diaries', '300', '250', '8', '#ffffff');so.addParam('wmode', 'transparent');
so.addParam('flashVars', 'bloggerID=4&copy=');

For iGoogle or Facebook go to the Urbanista site to download the widget for your world. Pick the Ms. Jen widget…

Yeah! DHL is Here! Yeah!

Mon 02.04.08 – After all of Friday’s troubles, fire drill, and hurried documenting of box contents to make the US Customs folks at LAX release the package from WOM World for my leg of the Nokia Urbanista Diaries adventure, it is a big relief to see the DHL truck pull up in front of my apartment building as I was coming back from a walk with my Mom and Scruffy.
I was so excited to document the arrival of the Nokia N82s and attendant accessories that I pushed the video button and made a video instead of a photo and I said “DSL” instead of “DHL”. Oh well. The DHL delivery guy was a good sport.
As with Jay, my box contains:
3 Nokia N82s
2 Nokia GPS Modules
1 Nokia Bluetooth Headset (darn! I did not get the Pirate one that Jay did)
1 Nokia Buletooth Keyboard (excited!)
and a bag of goodies: sim chips, extra batteries, The Proporta Mobile Survival kit, and something called the Generation X (((CELL ANTENNA))) *.
The last item looks like an enlongated golden RFID chip, but you paste it into the battery compartment of you phone and it boosts low cell reception. All my iPhone friends on AT&T need this**.
Yeah! The Urbanista Diaries countdown continues: two more days to go, then I am on a plane.
* According to the over the top copy at the link: “AS SEEN ON TV”…. Judge for yourself. I will let you know if it works well or not.
** I am on AT&T & have no reception problems with the Nokia N95. The iPhone folks in the same area are having dropped calls and data. It is the hardware, people. The internal antennas in the mobile device. Yet another way that Nokia kicks Apple’s bootay…

Urbanista Diaries: The Chennai Photowalk

I will fly into India late Friday night / early Saturday morning from London to officially start the Urbanista Diaries adventure. And the very next morning at 8am, I will be meeting up with the lovely folk from the Flickr “Chennai Photowalk” group to go on a Photowalk of Mount Road in Chennai (Madras)!
This will not just be hitting the ground running, but photo-ing! Ok, bad pun.
I am excited. I like to plan for my photo and mobile blogging adventures a bit beforehand and it is always better if one can meet up with like minded people.
I am looking forward to next Saturday’s Photowalk in Chennai. Big thanks to Chandrachoodan for organizing it!