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Exhaustion has hit…

Well, after three plus weeks of going going going going and not stopping at all, I am now having a day of rest. I am exhausted, tired, and am congested and have a sore throat with a rough voice (which is the main sign of exhaustion for me after tiredness).
I have a ton more photos of India et al to put up, but it will have to wait. I really want to go to Megan and Murray McMillan’s opening of “The Listening Array” tonight, but the likelihood of my rallying the troops to get up to Whittier after 7pm and still be awake to drive home is slim to none.
Hopefully resting today will mean that I will be recovered by tomorrow or Saturday…

Thanks WOM World!

Tues 02.26.08 – I would like to give a BIG Thank You to all the lovely folk at WOM World for all their hard work to make the Nokia Nseries Urbanista Diaries mobile travel adventure successfully go off! Thanks y’all!
Photo taken in Oxford by Ms. Jen with a Nokia N82. WOM World folk – left to right: Colin, Richard, Siobhan, Amy, and Donna (unfortunately Frank and Robbie were not at lunch).

Urbanista Diaries : Best of Chennai Photo Essay

The Happiness Bell Jay and his mini light sabers Taking an Auto Rickshaw to San Thome Sam Thome Cathedral, Chennai Venerating the Virgin Mary Melted Candles The Virgin all dressed up The Beach and Bay of Bengal Speed Post Chennai Photowalk: Shrine
Chennai Photowalk: Simpson & Co. Chennai Photowalk: At the gate of the Hindu Times Chennai Photowalk: The Mail Chennai Photowalk: Green Glass Chennai Photowalk: Alert Dog Chennai Photowalk: Fetish Chennai Photowalk: Anna Salai / Mount Road Chennai Photowalk: Stopping for Lunch Chennai Photowalk: Casino Art Deco Cinema Chennai Photowalk: Photographing the Casino Cinema Chennai Photowalk: Subway under Mount Road Chennai Photowalk: Walking Chennai Photowalk: Billboard Chennai Photowalk: Chandru shows us the Sunday Magazine interview about the Chennai Photowalk folk Chennai Photowalk: Ornate Door Lock Chennai Photowalk: Survival Benefit The Tarmac at the Chennai Airport

All photos taken by Jenifer Hanen in Chennai, India, with a Nokia N82.

As a wrap up for my Urbanista Diaries adventure, I am going to be publishing photo essays of my favorite photos that I took in each city that I visited. Some of these photos are in my flickrstream, most of them on the website, and some are new to everyone but me.
The above photos were taken in Chennai (Madras), Tamil Nadu, India, from Sat. Feb. 9th to Mon. Feb. 11th, 2008. Big thanks once again to the Chennai Photowalk flickr group for such a fun photowalk day on Sun. Feb. 10, 2008.
Enjoy the photos, five more cities to come.