What I did Today….

Photo taken by Ms. Jen just a few minutes ago with her MacBook Pro’s iSight camera.

In early May, I moved my essential furniture and lifebits into my new apartment. In late summer, I finally returned to both my storage room and the loft in my brother’s garage to get the rest of the boxes, but I did not have time to get it all.
Today, eight months after I moved in, I went to my brothers and to my storage room for Round III of the move in process. Only one problem, I am already out of room of which to place books and kitchen stuff. Anyone who knows me in person knows that I mostly own books and kitchen stuff. The rest is all superfluous.
I need to open the boxes tomorrow, sort, put things away or desperately look for somewhere to stuff all of it. Hopefully, there will be no black widows lurking in a box, like there was in one of the book boxes in the late summer. I will have hairspray ready if there is one.
Hairspray is a much better solution to black widow extermination then the time one caught me unawares with lighter fluid in my hand. It was pissed to have been forced to exit its nice dark charcoal bag cavern and was coming at me, so I poured the lighter fluid on the charcoal and spider. The spider kept moving, albeit slowly drenched in lighter fluid, I found the click-click lighter and put flame to coals and spider. Spider was pissed and not giving up. So, more lighter fluid was poured on the fire and a column of flame shot up at least 15 feet.
Two lessons from this adventure:
1) Make sure you seal your charcoal bag up before putting it back into a black widow infested garage.
2) Never, ever, never put more lighter fluid on a fire. Bad idea.
Needless to say, I did not see the spider after that. I was missing some eyebrows and the backyard elm tree was missing some leaves, but hey the spider was gone.
Now I use hairspray (very effective on black widow spiders) or Scruffy’s anti-flea spray (less effective then lighter fluid sans flame) when opening boxes that have been living in my brother’s garage loft and no flames whatsoever.